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What is Edge Analytics? | Explained

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Edge analytics has garnered attention as 5G and IoT-connected devices have become more prevalent. Here is an overview of the topic. Read on.

Edge analytics has garnered attention as 5G and internet of things (IoT) connected devices have become more prevalent. In this context, here is an overview of the topic.

Edge Analytics - What is it?

In simple terms, edge analytics is a method of data collection and analysis. Sensors or edge devices perform an automated computation and analyze it in the device itself, without the need to wait for the data to be sent back to a centralized data storage or cloud hub. The interpreted result is sent to the hub instead.

There is massive operational data for many enterprises, which can be expensive to manage. Running the data through an edge analytics algorithm as it's created allows companies to set parameters and filter through the information to be sent to the cloud hub or central data center.

How is it Used?

​​Monitoring devices is one of the most common use cases for edge analytics, especially IoT devices. A data analytics platform is deployed on the system to monitor a set of devices to ensure their proper operation. In case a problem occurs, this platform can automatically take corrective action. If automatic correction isn't possible, the platform can provide the IT staff with relevant insights to tackle the issue.

In Comparison with Edge Computing

Edge computing is formulated on the idea of data collection and processing performed near the location of the data creation. Edge analytics uses the devices and the data generated to form results. The analytics model isn't just limited to receiving, storage, and transmission of data. It brings actionable insights, sometimes even directly on the devices.

Benefits and Applications

Edge analytics delivers several compelling benefits to enterprises. Some of them are:

  • Real-time data analysis
  • Scalability
  • Possible reduction of costs
  • Improved security

Edge analytics tend to be most helpful in industrial environments with many edge devices and IoT sensors. In such cases, edge analytics can deliver benefits such as:

  • Improved uptime.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Predict failures.

Edge Solutions with VEXXHOST

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