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What Is Cloud Game Streaming and How Does It Work?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Many gaming giants are now shifting to cloud game streaming, and the trend is here to stay and grow. Get to know cloud gaming a little better.

The term cloud game streaming has been around for a decade or so now. With the arrival of new technology and platforms revolutionizing the gaming industry, the term has become something more in popularity and influence.

Many gaming giants are now shifting to cloud streaming, and the trend is here to stay and grow. Some companies opt for private clouds to host their games, taking full advantage of the exclusivity and possibility of added security for users. In this context, let us get to know game streaming a little better.

What is Cloud Game Streaming?

In simple terms, cloud game streaming is how the entire game is transmitted from a cloud to the gaming device to enable the gameplay. Unlike traditional gaming consoles and systems, this method eliminates the need to download and install the game into the devices.

With streaming, the majority of the gameplay is processed in a data center outside the player environment. When we say data center, it means that there are racks of consoles or servers in a facility dedicated to providing the entire gaming experience to the consumer over the internet. Everything from the game logic to the images and graphics to the AI is processed in the data center itself.

Cloud game streaming allows for playing the same game on multiple devices without installing it or having special processors. This means that users can play the game with a traditional monitor and joysticks and switch easily to playing on their smartphone and take it from where they left off. Since the game streaming happens over the internet, gamers can also play from any location they would like to. This flexibility is great for many multiplayer games and tournaments played over the internet.

Game streaming over the cloud is not very different from video streaming via Youtube, Netflix, etc., in principle. But, the big difference lies in the way gamers interact with the streamed content. A successful cloud game should not have latency issues or lags and should have instant reactions and output to gamer controls. Initially, this was a challenge with many cloud games, but now, such issues are a thing of the past, and cloud gaming is the new industry standard.

VEXXHOST Private Cloud for Gaming Companies

Gaming companies must know how to provide the best experience for users. With the advancement and growth projections of cloud game streaming, the world has recognized that cloud is the way forward. It is up to the companies to decide what kind of cloud they need in their adoption.

VEXXHOST provides OpenStack-based cloud solutions to gaming companies, including our prime offering of highly secure private cloud environments. The customization possibilities make private cloud a favorite among many enterprises, and we help them get their desired cloud without vendor lock-ins or licensing fees. Get to know more about VEXXHOST's cloud offerings by contacting our team. Check out our private cloud resource pageto improve your knowledge on the topic.

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