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Welcome OpenStack Kilo to our Public Cloud

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OpenStack Kilo

As part of our on-going commitment to being the leading OpenStack Public Cloud provider, We are happy to announce that the latest release of OpenStack, named Kilo, is now available on our Public Cloud starting from today for all customers.

The 11th release of OpenStack aims at increasing the stability of the core compute, storage and networking components in order to provide a solid foundation for growing the eco-system. As the core services become more stable, the focus for next releases is aiming at increasing driver compatibility and new features like container support.

What's New

New features to Kilo include new API versioning management with v2.1 and microversions to provide stable API definitions which allow users to write long-lived applications without worrying of any API breakages, with many more stability improvements.

The load balancing service has seen it's second version come in place with stability improvements and OpenStack Neutron has had a lot of work put in place to improve the scalability of it even more.

Finally, the much needed identity federation work which was included in Keystone now facilitates the use of public and private clouds together to support hybrid workloads, by using the same set of authentication credentials.

Special Dedication of the Kilo Release

The OpenStack Technical Committee, all contributors and VEXXHOST would like to extend the dedication of the Kilo release in memory of Chris Yeoh, who has passed away earlier this month. He was one of the major contributors to the OpenStack Nova project across the year and he will be missed in the community.

Try out OpenStack Kilo today!

We are happy to see OpenStack continue to grow and we continue to be committed to being the leading OpenStack public cloud provider. If you would like to try our OpenStack Public Cloud, please use the voucher KILO when signing up for a free $10.00 voucher!

If you are interested in reading more blog posts, you can always check out the VEXXHOST blog located on our website which includes many more interesting blogs and tutorials! If you have any questions concerning this blog or in general, feel free to communicate with us through our Contact Us page. One of our support team member will be more than happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

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