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Trends In The Bare Metal Cloud Market

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Bare metal cloud offers advantages like high computing power and cost predictability. Learn about the upcoming market trends in this sphere of cloud infrastructure.

bare metal cloud market

Bare metal is an integral part of cloud infrastructure for many enterprises, across different industry verticals. A combination of traditional hosting service on physical machines and virtualized cloud infrastructure is also known as a bare metal cloud. Private clouds are commonly deployed with this architecture in mind.

Market Inclinations

The growth in the bare metal cloud market is directly proportional to the adoption of cloud computing. The surging number of data centers, growth in colocation services, and rise in cloud adoption motivate businesses to invest in bare metal cloud.

Not to mention, certain other growth drivers include increasing significance of data security and the rising adoption of advanced cloud services. Superior authentication support is another factor that leads enterprises to opt for bare metal.

Trends and Regions

According to research estimates, the bare metal cloud solutions market will reach USD 10.56 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 35% over the forecast period 2020 - 2025.

Leading the market share in cloud computing and its components like bare metal is North America, withholding the largest chunk in terms of value. Additionally, Germany is spearheading the adoption and investment in bare metal cloud infrastructure in the Europe region.

Advantages of Bare Metal Cloud

Cloud solutions offer manifold benefits such as efficient data storage, streamlined data center operations, and faster service delivery. All this is possible through various solutions such as bare metal compute and storage network. Presently, the uptake of internet and networking has increased the demand for certain features in cloud services. These services include but are not limited to storage space, advanced networking solutions, and high computing power.

Other noteworthy advantage is the cost-predictability of bare metal cloud. With adequate monitoring of resources, costs are better controlled and managed. Moreover, the physical hardware enables on-demand capacity for end-users.

OpenStack Ironic

VEXXHOST leverages OpenStack as a base for its private cloud services. Therefore, you have the opportunity to deploy dedicated bare metal services ideal for security and efficacy of your operations. The OpenStack bare metal project, Ironic, is all about optimal security due to the isolation of the dedicated machine.

Not to mention, bare metal can act as an automation tool for central management of other machines like virtual machines. It further enables the possibility of architecting one VM on top of another. The performance improvement guaranteed to you via bare metal can help those operating in finance, and other competitive industries, maintain the edge.

With an open source service like this one, VEXXHOST can configure bare metal to meet your use case explicitly. Leverage this OpenStack technology with us to get not only enhanced performance but also great flexibility without any hassles of vendor lock-in.

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