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Travel Through The Clouds: Evolution of the Travel Industry

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

At a time when travel is a distant dream, let us learn about how cloud computing has enabled remarkable transformations in the travel industry!

Some of you may remember finalizing holiday destinations with brochures in hand and trips to your travel agent. Now things are a bit different, with the click of a button you have an itinerary finalized and a destination ready to explore. What made this possible? Technology, of course! The travel industry has been evolving simultaneously with technological advancements for years now. Cloud computing has had a significant role to play in the travel industry transformations.

Evolution of the Travel Industry

Among the many changes in IT infrastructure, cloud computing is a unique aspect. The travel industry too, has seen some significant changes to its business operations because of cloud services. Not only do travel agencies benefit from emerging technologies, but as highlighted earlier, the consumers are just as impacted.

Speedy Service Delivery

Customer demands rapidly change in the travel market. Tourist destinations see a rise and fall in demand depending upon what is “trendy”. Cloud computing offers travel agencies the speed and responsiveness they need to cater to these needs. A cloud solution that is continuously updated benefits not only agencies but transport departments as well. The scalability of the cloud is also essential to keep up with consumer demand and internal operations.

Customized Service

Data storage becomes a breeze with cloud technology. Any information about customer preference and behaviour can comfortably reside in the cloud. Also, cloud-based tools can help gain more insights and predict consumer behavioural patterns. All of this is then utilized by travel agencies to provide the most customized experience possible to their end-users. Furthermore, cloud storage and capacity also enable data synchronizations. Therefore, it is easier than ever to keep track of Instagram worthy destinations and match it with customers who have similar interests. Hence, making marketing initiatives more targeted and fruitful.

Promotes Development

Application development is a common way to utilize cloud resources. Cloud infrastructure makes pre-coded models readily available to one and all. Travel agencies can develop applications or even chatbots to increase the customer base and reach of their offers through mobile phones. This capability brings the travel industry closer to all those who are travelling or have the desire to.

Find Your Cloud Provider

With the right cloud provider, from day one of your cloud deployment, you can only expect business operations to get better, faster and more efficient. Cloud computing has even transformed air transport in several ways. Additionally, the overall management of both frontend and backend tasks is made easier through several cloud-based management tools.

OpenStack too is fully capable of supporting the needs of a travel industry giant through cloud computing. It offers excellent flexibility and business agility that you can use. If you are a member of the vibrant travel industry and are looking to kick-start your journey to the cloud, then VEXXHOST's Fully-Managed Private Cloud solution is meant for you.

We at VEXXHOST can offer you a highly customized cloud deployment that is entirely managed by us. We take care of the infrastructure layer and support you to focus on your business's core competencies! Get in touch with us to know more about how we can assist you.

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