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The Right Way To Upgrade OpenStack

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

From stronger security, bug fixes and integral updates to various projects, there are several reasons why upgrading OpenStack will benefit your business.

Are you running on a prehistoric OpenStack release? Have you been thinking that it's time to upgrade your OpenStack but you're intimidated by the idea? We understand that OpenStack upgrades can be difficult. When you have an existing OpenStack private cloud you are already one step closer to benefiting from the latest updates. From stronger security, bug fixes and updates to various projects, there are several reasons why upgrading will benefit your business.

Even though OpenStack upgrades have a reputation for being difficult, they don't have to be. We at VEXXHOST believe that upgrades should be a frictionless experience with minimal to no downtime. Keep reading to learn why painless upgrades matter. Learn how to overhaul your approach and how to get the OpenStack expertise you need to succeed.

Why Do Painless Upgrades Matter?

When it comes to upgrading OpenStack for your business or organization you cannot afford to be making mistakes. Ensuring high-availability and zero downtime are essential in order to experience a seamless upgrade. Painless upgrades mean you have more time and other resources to focus on other aspects of your business.

When you upgrade to the latest and greatest OpenStack release you're maximizing your private cloud benefits. You'll be taking advantage of the very best in continuously evolving open-source software. Plus you'll be receiving all the benefits from important project updates. Not to mention, you'll be strengthening your cloud security and ensuring that all features are up to date.

Whatever the motive behind upgrading, any user can agree that they are looking for upgrades that are simple and do not disrupt their current IT infrastructure.

Get The OpenStack Expertise You Need

There are several things that can cause friction when upgrading OpenStack. Whether your team is lacking the relevant technical experience or if you're worried about the amount of time an upgrade will take, sometimes reaching out for help can make all the difference.

Our CEO Mohammed Naser covered why OpenStack upgrades are so difficult on our blog in the past and there are several main reasons why it can feel so hard. Ultimately, it's not OpenStack itself that's difficult, it's the operational and infrastructure issues that can cause frustration. Someone who takes a do-it-yourself approach to upgrades can face many challenges, ranging from Forking OpenStack and maintaining local patches to the sheer time it takes to complete an upgrade. When in doubt, always reach out to an expert you can trust.

When you trust the experts at VEXXHOST to upgrade OpenStack for your business or organization you're trusting nearly a decade of experience with using and contributing upstream to OpenStack. We have experience managing the largest OpenStack powered public cloud in Canada and many more cloud solutions worldwide. When you have a fully managed solution with VEXXHOST you're about to avoid prolonged downtown, ensure your security is always up to date, and you can take advantage of the extra time to focus on what matters most to your business.

Leverage our expertise in OpenStack to ensure that you upgrade OpenStack the right way. We're OpenStack certified and are currently running the latest OpenStack release, Train, and have been since the day of its release. Visit our OpenStack Upgrades page to learn more about how we can make your OpenStack upgrade seamless and friction-free.

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