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3 Major Questions on Private Cloud Workloads Answered

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Cloud workloads across enterprises are witnessing a transition trend into private cloud environments. What are the reasons? What are the benefits? Read on.

Cloud workloads across enterprises are witnessing a trend of transition into highly secure private cloud environments. The many benefits of private clouds are behind these switches, and industry projection is that this trend will be growing rapidly in the next five years.

What are the factors behind this trend? Why are cloud workloads seeing this shift? If you're thinking about these questions, you're not alone. As experienced cloud providers, team VEXXHOST can answer some of the major questions people ask in this regard.

1 - What are private clouds?

A private cloud is an infrastructure specifically built for an enterprise to cater to their business goals. Private clouds are either hosted on-premise at the organization's own facility or remotely at the provider's data center.

With such a model, businesses can handle their cloud workloads with all the benefits of being in a cloud-based environment while also being more secure since they do not share the infrastructure with a different entity. This independence also gives companies the ability to set up additional security measures to the environment other than the ones already set up by the cloud provider. Some companies choose such a system because they have data regulations they have to comply with, internally or externally.

2 - Why do enterprises move cloud workloads to private environments?

A major reason behind certain enterprises moving their workloads into a private cloud is the stability in the cost factor. While other infrastructure solutions might look cheaper at first glance, certain hidden and costs of services, staffing, etc., added later, can add up and exceed the savings companies thought they would have. The stable subscription system of private clouds, which includes all benefits and without hidden costs, makes more sense in the long run.

Another major reason is that three-quarters of most cloud workloads fall under the predictable category. Examples of such workloads include Big Data, analytics & processing, etc. A stable but scalable private cloud is the best solution to run such a scenario and for the system to maximize performance.

Here are some of the other reasons whereby companies are choosing private cloud for their operational workloads:

  • Easy management and support systems
  • Timely upgrades without infrastructural headaches
  • Storage and scalability benefits
  • Advanced backup and recovery options
  • Automation and self-service availability
  • Cost-effectiveness

3 - Are automation and innovation possible with moving workloads into private clouds?

As mentioned earlier, private clouds are the ideal solution for handling predictable cloud workloads, both in performance and price. Such an environment also fosters constant innovation and automation. Since a private cloud is built to handle unique user needs, the number of customization possibilities for backup, networking, security, connectivity, etc., are endless. Workloads in a private cloud are not in a one-size-fits-all solution.

Private clouds allow enterprises and their IT teams or providers to set up resources that contribute to self-service models and automation. For example, requesting a VM could be considered a tedious process in a traditional infrastructure. Customization and automation through the private cloud can make it into a single step process. Automation can also be used to improve security and monitoring for enterprise applications.

Considering moving your cloud workloads into a stable, secure environment? VEXXHOST's OpenStack-based private cloud solution can help you achieve the goal with ease. We have an expert team available to guide you through the steps and answer any questions you may have. Our dedicated resource page on private clouds can also become handy to you in the decision-making process.

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