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Public Cloud Network from VEXXHOST – Here's What You Get

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VEXXHOST's cloud network services provide flexible and secure software-defined networking capabilities, powered by OpenStack.

Public Cloud Network from VEXXHOST – Here's What You Get

VEXXHOST's cloud network services provide flexible and secure software-defined networking capabilities powered by the open source power of OpenStack.

Public Cloud Network

A public cloud provides you with on-demand infrastructure components such as compute, networking and in some cases, it also provides services that sit on top of these infrastructure components. Part of them is the servers where the cloud is hosted. The infrastructure is generally shared because you have a fully isolated virtual machine; however, it is collocated with other virtual machines belonging to other customers in that cloud.

It goes without saying that public cloud services are an incredibly useful tool for enterprises worldwide now. In 2020, the estimated public cloud service market was at $270 Billion and is projected to reach a whopping $397.5 Billion by 2023.

Cloud Network with VEXXHOST

Our cloud network allows you to create single-tenant networks with complete control over their topology and architecture based on the OpenStack Neutron technology. You can create networks and connect multiple servers to them, create routers, connect many networks to them, and leverage floating IPs.

OpenStack Neutron can help you create virtual networks, firewalls, routers, and more. It is flexible and secure. With it, OpenStack can offer network-connectivity-as-a-service. Neutron can help other OpenStack projects manage interface devices by implementing API. OpenStack Neutron also provides you with no vendor lock-in with an open and flexible API.

Single Tenant Network Enablement

Enabling segmentation through single-tenant networking will give users peace of mind. The connections can be split up across systems, allowing each virtual machine within a given hypervisor private to the same network. Furthermore, since cloud networks are single-tenant and fully isolated, they are the equivalent of having a physical switch connected to your servers, only with no one else related to it.

IP Address Management & Spine/Leaf Physical Network

Users can take advantage of automatic IPAM for ensured consistency. They no longer need to manage their IP addresses manually, guaranteeing consistency between documentation and the system itself. Additionally, it is no longer possible to manipulate the IP through the blocking layer above the IP itself with dynamic IP requests.

Users can make use of Neutron for bare metal scaling. Each rack is a network on its own and interconnects with each other under a vast scheduling network. It enables it to understand and appropriately give IP addresses.

VEXXHOST Cloud Solutions

As a reputed IaaS provider, we ensure that our clients get the best cloud servers and services through our clouds. At VEXXHOST, we provide cloud solutions for a multitude of clients worldwide. We provide OpenStack-based clouds, including public clouds and dedicated and highly secure private cloud environments, ensuring utmost security and agility.

Take advantage of our limited-time deal just to set up a one-time, OpenStack-based private cloud deployment - at 50% off! The cloud will be running on the latest OpenStack release, Wallaby, which allows you to run Kubernetes and VMs in the same environment, and can be deployed in your own data centers with your hardware. Furthermore, all these will be deployed and tested in under a month!

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