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How OpenStack Will Cause A Shift In Business In 2020

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

The reasons why businesses adopt an OpenStack powered cloud varies, but the positive shift that affects all aspects of an organization are evident.

OpenStack is currently being adopted throughout organizations and businesses. It empowers businesses to create a one of a kind custom made cloud solution that caters to specific business needs. For many progressive businesses, adopting OpenStack offers a competitive advantage for them. Having the opportunity to complete workloads with agility, increased productivity and flexibility offers businesses a serious edge against their competitors.

The reasons why businesses adopt an OpenStack powered cloud varies, but the positive shift that affects all aspects of an organization are evident. OpenStack has always had a powerful impact on the open-source community. That being said, it still continues to make wares. OpenStack will only continue to cause a shift in business throughout 2020 and beyond. Keep reading to learn three ways in which OpenStack is making an impact and how your business or organization can take advantage of it.

Roles Within A Business Are Changing

Previously, many businesses left IT decisions to the IT department. In order to stay competitive, it's crucial that business decision-makers collaborate with their IT managers and departments. An OpenStack powered cloud has the potential to impact various aspects of a business, from sales to human resources- the cloud is no longer just for an IT team. Taking the time to upskill staff members can help make your business make the most of their cloud solutions. However, if your business has a smaller IT team, or you'd like your IT staff to focus on other aspects of the business, it may be worth considering a fully managed private cloud solution. A cloud provider of your choice can maintain and update your cloud so you can focus on your business while still reaping the benefits of OpenStack.

Updates, Upgrades and More

It's no secret that OpenStack has a new release every 6 months. This includes critical updates and bug fixes that keep your cloud solution working as it should. Your business needs to be upgrading regularly to ensure that your cloud is secure. Alongside the benefit of new innovations in the cloud comes also new risks. As the technological advances in cloud security continue to advance, so does the technology of those trying to breach your data. By keeping up to date with all updates you're keeping the security of your business and cloud a priority. If you're running an older version of OpenStack and want to update seamlessly, it's worth considering consulting a cloud provider. A trusted cloud provider can help you create a plan and get your business running the latest release of OpenStack.

Artificial Intelligence Is Getting Smarter

AI is working to help businesses automate what they can. The cloud allows businesses to be able to automate and manage their processes with the best speed and accuracy possible. Moreover, machine learning, system recognition, and intelligent robotics are giving businesses the chance to scale up and manage big data with the most efficiency possible. AI is only getting smarter, so it's up to decision-makers to start using it to streamline their day to day operations.

Are you looking to make an impact on your business strategy in 2020 with OpenStack? VEXXHOST has been working and contributing upstream to OpenStack since 2011. So it's safe to say our team of experts know OpenStack inside and out. Contact us today to learn more about what an OpenStack powered cloud can do for your business.

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