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OpenStack Wallaby - An Infographic Overview

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OpenStack Wallaby is the 23rd version of the open source cloud infrastructure software. Know the details and highlights of Wallaby from this infographic.

OpenStack Wallaby - An Infographic Overview

OpenStack Wallaby - An Infographic Overview

OpenStack Wallaby was released on 14 April 2021. It is the 23rd version of the widely deployed open source cloud infrastructure software, OpenStack. Since the first release of OpenStack in 2010, the infrastructure platform has had new versions released every six months or so. This overview gives you all the essential information you need to know about the latest release.

OpenStack Wallaby

OpenStack Wallaby follows closely on the previous releases such as Victoria and Ussuri, but with certain notable changes.Globally, OpenStack is among the top three most active open source projects, and Wallaby highlights the vibrant cooperation of the developer community.

For the Wallaby release, the community really came together, and the numbers show that - there were 17000 code changes from 800 contributors belonging to 140 organizations across 45 countries. Incredible, right? That's the power of open source.

Here is a glance at some of the salient highlights of the OpenStack Wallaby release.

Highlights of the Release

The OpenStack Wallaby release brought about a wide range of improvements to the OpenStack core, making it even more reliable and stable. The software's cross-project integration capabilities with other open source projects have also been significantly improved.

Looking at the various OpenStack projects, there have been significant improvements. For example, there are security enhancements in Ironic, Glance, and Manila, including fallback permissions and RBAC enhancements. Also, the community has migrated the RBAC policy from JSON to YAML. There is new extended functionality for UEFI for Ironic, and it includes a secure erase for NVMe.

Furthermore, Wallaby brings in updated versions for Kubernetes and containerd on Magnum, the API service. For Kolla, the production-ready containers and deployment tool, there is added support for version 2 of Prometheus. Cinder, the block storage service, gets new backend drivers for Ceph storage.

Likewise, OpenStack Wallaby also adds new functionalities for Nova, the computing provisioning service, and Cyborg, the accelerator management. With the latest update, users can shelve and unshelve augmented servers. Finally, Wallaby gives a new networking capability for Neutron, where operators can route fixed IP addresses in an external network without limitations by the availability of IPv4 address ranges.

All of these significant updates wouldn't have been possible without the support of the open source community and the overview from the Open Infrastructure Foundation, the governing body behind the development.

The Foundational Support

The OpenInfrastructure Foundation governs the entire OpenStack project. The foundation was initially set up in 2012 as the OpenStack Foundation to govern OpenStack. In 2020, the foundation was renamed to further drive the community evolution by including newer projects under its wing, with OpenStack still at the core of operations. We have covered the history and timeline in a previous blog, so we aren't going into much detail.

The foundation now has over 100,000 members in 187 countries. Team VEXXHOST is a proud partner of the Open Infrastructure Foundation as a Founding Silver Member and an infrastructure donor.

The guiding philosophy behind the operations of the foundation is the “The Four Opens” - open source, open design, open development, and open community - enabling the community to get all the benefits of all open source software (OSS) and influence its future. Apart from OpenStack, the foundation's major projects are Airship, Kata Containers, OpenInfraLabs, StarlingX, and Zuul. Furthermore, initiatives such as OpenDev, continuous integration tooling, project hosting, SuperUser, etc., are also aided by the foundation.

Wallaby on VEXXHOST Private Cloud

At VEXXHOST, we provide cloud solutions for a multitude of clients worldwide. We pull all stops to ensure that, as a customer, your cloud runs on the best, most updated platforms available. We provide OpenStack-based clouds, including public clouds and dedicated and highly secure private cloud environments, ensuring utmost security and agility. It's our great pleasure to inform you that all new private clouds deployed from VEXXHOST are running on OpenStack Wallaby.

VEXXHOST is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, and we have a special gift for you. Take advantage of our limited-time deal just to set up a one-time, OpenStack-based private cloud deployment - at just $15000! The cloud will be running on the latest OpenStack release, Wallaby, which allows you to run Kubernetes and VMs in the same environment, and can be deployed in your own data centers with your hardware. Furthermore, all these will be deployed and tested in under a month!

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