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Who Is The OpenStack Community?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

If you're new to OpenStack or want to learn more about their unique community of developers and users, we're here to introduce you to the OpenStack community.

The OpenStack community is truly one of a kind. Of course, we'd say that as active members since 2011, but it really is true. Since its humble beginnings in 2010, the OpenStack community has only continued to flourish, evolve, and grow. This is a testament to the vast diversity of this community that is driven by transparency, agility, and collaboration.

Its strength lies in its diversity, their willingness to share their knowledge, and their commitment to providing an open-source cloud computing platform that is accessible for everyone. So if you're new to OpenStack or want to learn more about their unique community of developers and users, we're here to introduce you to the OpenStack community.

Strength In Diversity

The OpenStack community strives to create an inclusive and safe space for everyone. Moreover, they are committed to cultivating a space for developers and users to drive innovation in open-source no matter their race, color, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation. By doing so, all voices are heard and anyone can rise up to a leadership position with the right skill and work ethic. It makes for better open-source software and a stronger community overall.

One of the diversity initiatives at OpenStack is Women of OpenStack (WOO). They work relentlessly to increase diversity within the community by providing professional networking, mentorship, and educational resources to women in the OpenStack community. All women and allies are welcome. Not only does this provide much-needed inclusion within the OpenStack community but it also opens doors to many brilliant minds who otherwise would have difficulty accessing and participating within open-source.

The Open Infrastructure Summit

The Open Infrastructure Summit, formerly known as The OpenStack Summit, is a great opportunity for the OpenStack community and those who share common interests to come together to learn, collaborate, talk about all things open-source. Certainly, it's open to anyone who has an interest in IT infrastructure and open-source. It welcomes everyone, no matter what background or level, to come, learn, and become part of a wider community. Thousands of people coming together to learn and collaborate? That's something we are definitely on board with.

Our Role In The OpenStack Community

As we mentioned before, the team at VEXXHOST has been part of the OpenStack community since 2011. We understand the significance and importance of being community-driven. The team at VEXXHOST aspires to not only be active contributors and users of OpenStack and members of their vast community, but also sponsors, attendees, and event organizers of open-source events for the community. We've hosted OpenStack Canada day and have helped organize the Montreal OpenStack meetup too. What can we say? We love to be right in the action, interacting with users and developers from all walks of life. We donate infrastructure to OpenStack because we believe in their mission and are passionate about open-source. As the OpenStack community continues to grow we aspire to grow with them and support them any way we can.

Do you have OpenStack on your mind? We run exclusively OpenStack managed services across our entire infrastructure. Our OpenStack powered cloud solutions validates through rigorous testing to provide API compatibility for our OpenStack core services. Moreover, we are currently running the latest release, OpenStack Train for private cloud and have been since the launch date. Also did we mention we are Certified OpenStack? So you can rest easy knowing you've trusted your infrastructure with the experts. Contact us today to learn how we can help make your private or public cloud a reality.

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