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New Usage Reports User Interface

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

One of the worries that we have noticed our current and potential customers had was the possible unexpected invoice at the end of the month. While more typical server hosting services have an agreed-upon price which is prepaid, cloud computing is paid for at the end of your billing period for the usage you had the past month.

We wanted to make sure that our customers are comfortable with their current usage and spending. This is why we have rolled out this new, easy to understand interface which will allow our customers to easily understand their current spending and compare to their past-month usage as well.

This new feature goes in-line with our cloud computing platform's primary focus: deliver a high-performance platform with the best value per dollar compared to any other cloud computing company. By adding this new feature, we find that it will be easier for current and future customers to move to the cloud and see their spending in an easy way.

We have the current usage so far, last month's usage and a full breakdown of all your servers. For servers, we have the break down for each server and all the usage periods. For example: if you upgrade your server, you would see the price paid for hours at the initial instance type and then the hours on the new instance type afterwards. For snapshots, we have a full breakdown of how many hours and the size of the snapshot as well as the amount.

We are constantly adding new features and we are always open for feedback and suggestions, we are more than happy to get input from our customers on where to improve next. You can always email us with your feedback and if we find it a helpful feature, we will be more than happy to implement it.

The next upcoming feature will be our cloud marketplace which includes some key partnerships with other service providers which can give you added value to your cloud computing services. This includes automated cluster installations and unique specials available for our cloud computing customers only.

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