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Know Your Cloud Storage Bills

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Cloud storage has become a prime alternative to on-premise storage, and enterprises nowadays are quick to transfer their data from one place to another. We are all aware that cloud storage is a more secure environment for your data and consider it to be cost-efficient too. But, cost efficiency only comes into play if we know how to utilize the resources fully. You should also be aware of the factors that contribute to storage bills if you run workloads in a public cloud.

What determines the cost of storage?

Not being able to understand the factors that play a roll in cost accumulation and how to distribute data among storage resources can make cloud-based storage very expensive for some. Let's take a look at some standard elements that are common across service providers:


It is essential to understand your data to know the capacity you require. Per unit consumption over a given period is capacity. Price calculation is usually based on per gigabyte or terabyte, per month, depending upon the size of your data and your cloud storage provider.


The transaction is a sequence of information exchange between your storage and other applications. For example, read, write or scan of your repositories. Not to mention, individual transaction costs are not that high. But keeping track of them will keep you from incurring unexpected costs.


Network consists of data transfer from one facility to another. Be it from your on-premise storage to the cloud or between cloud networks or elsewhere. Moving data from one location to another or between data centers in the same region comes at certain costs attached to it.

Snapshots and backup

Do not forget about the capacity taken up by snapshots and backup. Often they are overlooked but take up significant space in storage; therefore, accruing cost as well.

Bandwidth Allocation

Bandwidth is definitely among the costliest elements, and pricing is rather unexpected too. Bandwidth charges can accumulate if you do not monitor consumption regularly. Proprietary public cloud storage providers do charge a hefty sum for data downloads.

This list is in no way exhaustive. Several other components come into play when understanding your cloud storage and its pricing. Take a look at disk type, for example. The features of the disk itself will influence the cost.

Thus, there is no better way to know your cloud storage than to know your data.

Keep Your Bills In Check With OpenStack Cloud

If you require a cloud solution that provides you cost-efficient storage, then an OpenStack based cloud is for you. At VEXXHOST, our cloud offering is well integrated with multiple OpenStack projects that help you utilize your cloud resources to the maximum. Are you curious to learn more about what you can do with an OpenStack cloud? Get in touch.

Stay tuned for some exciting announcement about our Public cloud storage!

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