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Why You Need To Match Your IT Workloads To Your Cloud

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

When it comes to optimizing your IT workloads, it is important to take a cloud-first approach. Your business should choose the appropriate hosting platform.

When it comes to optimizing your IT workloads, it is important to take a cloud-first approach. Your business should be matching its IT workloads to the best cloud hosting platform. Whether you opt for a public cloud or private cloud solution it's important to follow industry best practices. Such as using KPIs, focusing on costs, and user experience to see which are best suited to power your cloud infrastructure.

In today's blog, we are here to guide you through why your business should match its IT workloads to your cloud solution to ensure optimized performance, availability, and agility. Keep reading to learn more.

Determine The Unique Requirements For Your IT Workloads

Determining what unique requirements your business is looking for to manage your IT workloads in the cloud is an important first step. Now is the time to review which KPIs are vital, what your budget looks like and how will you be using your cloud infrastructure.

If your business is looking for a cloud solution that offers self-management while security and compliance are less of a concern it may be worth considering a public cloud for your IT workloads. Public clouds offer shared hardware to minimize operational costs. Users are able to access a wide range of languages, tools, and services with cost efficiency.


If security and compliance are at the very core of your business then a private cloud may be best suited for your needs. A single-tenant environment gives businesses all the advantages of public cloud alongside better security and more customizable cloud resources. With a private cloud solution, your business can opt for an on-premise private cloud. This means that your business could house and maintain the physical infrastructure at a place of your choosing. Or it is possible to opt for a hosted private cloud, leaving all physical infrastructure to the cloud provider of your choice. It depends on the requirements of your business and what you're looking to accomplish with your IT workloads in the cloud.

Choose A Cloud Provider That You Trust

Choosing a trusted cloud provider is one of the most important decisions that you will make for your cloud solution. You want to ensure that your IT workloads are properly housed on the infrastructure of your choosing. Whether you have opted for a public cloud or private cloud, it's important that your cloud provider understands.

Take the time to review if they are following industry best practices and maintaining hardware to industry standards. Review if they offer adequate security and if they are compliant with even the most rigorous laws surrounding data privacy. When it comes to finding the right cloud solution, it is important that your provider is on the same page.

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