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Which Industries Are Using OpenStack?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Today we're going to review some of the industries that are using OpenStack and how OpenStack is making an impact on their daily operations.

Industries such as financial services, education, and healthcare are all turning to OpenStack powered cloud solutions for a reason. Public and private cloud environments allow all industries to benefit from the dependability, agility, and scalability of OpenStack. Whether you're thinking of starting your own FinTech enterprise or want to get more information out, OpenStack has you covered.

Today we're going to review some of the industries that are using OpenStack. Then take a look at how OpenStack is making an impact on their daily operations.

Financial Services

Financial services are looking towards OpenStack to stay abreast of current trends. Banks and other financial institutions are constantly working towards new upgrades to their IT infrastructure for things such as online banking or mobile payments. Open-source is a lucrative opportunity for financial enterprises. OpenStack allows for their IT Infrastructure to be as agile as it is scalable. Moreover, OpenStack allows financial institutions access to a better platform to optimize their services and provide a better quality banking experience.

Specialty financial services such as automated 24-hour support have never been easier thanks to OpenStack powered private clouds. Banks are able to digitally update themselves and provide a positive impact across all financial industries.

Educational Services and Education Management

More and more educational institutions are utilizing cloud technologies to better their classrooms and overall management. From virtual classrooms, more cultural exposure, increased expansive virtual training or even lower software and hardware costs, there is a definite place for an OpenStack powered cloud solution in the field of education.

An OpenStack powered cloud gives a modern approach to learning. Cloud infrastructure allows students to use better course management tools, such as Moodle, an open-source software package created to facilitate effective online learning for educators. Moreover, this makes room for students to access a variety of resources such as grades, discussion forms, and more. As a result, using OpenStack in the classroom does away with old fashioned filling systems and brings in new ways of collaborative learning.

Healthcare Services

The healthcare industry is using OpenStack to help make a difference in the quality of life of their patients around the world. Innovations in OpenStack powered clouds are having transformative effects on healthcare. From better control of scalability of data to faster access to crucial medical records, the role of the cloud in healthcare is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 15% by 2025. This growth touches several facets of the healthcare system, from health services, clinics, and even pharmacies.

Being able to utilize the power of OpenStack during emergencies allows medical professionals to be better prepared. Doctors in training can receive real-time guidance through technology and can receive life-saving information when it matters most. Certainly, the healthcare industry has many reasons to embrace OpenStack. Open-source allows for better flexibility, access when it matters most and secure storage for confidential records.

OpenStack For Your Industry

Have you been thinking about adopting OpenStack in your industry? We're here to help. No matter what industry your organization or enterprise is a part of, we can help you find a unique OpenStack powered cloud that works for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about why your industry should be using OpenStack and how we can get you there.

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