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How to Get Free Quality Traffic Immediately

So your website is new and you need traffic, right. Most of you concentrate on search engine optimization which means months to wait, while you can get immediate traffic and help your site ranking better by using other methods of traffic generation. I’ll show you five free methods to get immediate quality traffic to your website.

Write Articles

Find a good one or two topics that match your site subject and write articles about them, you don’t need to be professional writer to do this, invest some time to collect your article information and write it, simply you must have value in your topic that people like to read about

Now you have an article so you need the whole world to know about. Start submitting your article to article directories, Ezine and all publication in your industry like news sites, blogs and email newsletters. They will be happy to link on your site to give a quality value to their readers.

Use Social Bookmarking

There are highly visited social bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon, Furl and del.icio.us where vistors bookmark websites they like. All you need is an account and start to bookmark your site pages like blog pages and your articles pages. The power of these sites is that other people will bookmark your site and the more bookmarks the more traffic and very soon you will see your website link on sites that have thousand of visitors.

Participate In Social Networks

Write your profile on social networks like Ryze, LinkedIn and MySpace and communicate with other members can do magic for your business. These networks can give a lot of traffic to your website

Creating a profile and interacting with other users on social networks like, , can do wonders for your business. LinkedIn and Ryze are great for connecting with other business owners, but MySpace presents the largest opportunity to drive a substantial amount of traffic to your site.

The key to success in these networks is to keep your friends visiting your profile by giving them quality topics that interest them.

Participate In Forums

Whatever topic you have there are a lot of popular forums for it, to succeed in forums you need to be a part of that forum, you need to have a regular visits that help others by solving their issues. Never talk about your business at these forum, instead put the link of your website in your signature and people who weight your help will click on it and enter your site.

You Need a Blog

Do you have a blog? If not then you must have, it is a fantastic way to express your ideas of your website topic. Blog will give your visitors fresh and quality content that they like and revisit, also it’s a kind of networking; you will have a community that keeps reading your posts and write back comments.

Also it is a good idea to visit other blogs in your industry and write comments that link back to your website, do a search on Google for blogs that have similar topics or use Technorati site.

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