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How to Ensure a Successful Private Cloud Migration

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

What are the considerations an organization should be aware of with private cloud migration? Are there any benefits? Read more.

Private cloud migration is a topic garnering more and more attention in recent times. The adoption of cloud computing is kind of a given for most enterprises now. The conversation is now heading towards organizations having more control over the infrastructure while still getting the full benefits of a cloud. Hence, more enterprises are looking into private clouds.

In such a scenario, what are the things an organization should be aware of? Are there any special considerations that companies should have in the process of private cloud migration? What are the advantages they bring? Let us find the answers to these questions.

Considerations Before Private Cloud Migration

It is never a good idea to blindly jump into adopting something just because it sounds nice. Proper planning and understanding of whether the adopted strategy is the right one for your company will help you. Here are some considerations you need for private cloud adoption.

Firstly, enterprises should make sure that their IT environment is cloud-optimized. The various components of the cloud infrastructure must work hand in hand to result in the output you wish to see. Take the time needed and plan it out with your team and the cloud provider. Adopting a private cloud without proper consultation, planning, and strategy will result in many problems such as unnecessary downtime, infrastructural issues, etc., in the future.

Another consideration that has equal prominence is performance. Will migrating to a private cloud result in increased operational performance for your organization? It would be best if you had an answer to this question. Also, keep in mind that your private performance can improve with timely upgrades and updates of projects within—factor in these potential changes when you account for future performance.

Yet another primary consideration is the cost factor. Depending on the type of private cloud your company is setting up, whether it is hosted or on-premise, the cost varies. Have an understanding of the services included within your provider's offering and whether any licensing fees are involved. For example, with an OpenStack-based private cloud, like VEXXHOST's, there are no licensing fees or vendor lock-ins. Budgeting accordingly is essential.

Lastly, but definitely one of the most important, is security. A prime reason why many companies opt for private cloud migration is that they allow for more control from the operator side since the server space is not shared. Have a plan regarding whether you would like additional security in place for your data aside from the reliable security included by your cloud provider.

Private Cloud Migration with VEXXHOST

Private cloud migration is an easy breeze with VEXXHOST. Our experienced team provides you with enterprise-grade solutions in setting up your cloud. Start your private cloud journey with us and reap the numerous benefits of a secure cloud environment. Increase your knowledge of private clouds from our dedicated resources area. Contact the team regarding any queries you may have.

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