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Why Switch to Private Cloud?

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Many enterprises are contemplating the question 'why switch to private cloud?'. Read and learn more about the benefits of a highly secured cloud environment

Why switch to a private cloud? If you've asked this question, then you probably are familiar with the basic benefits of cloud computing. You might also know about the different types of cloud environments, namely public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud.

Returning to the question about switching to private cloud, here are the answers you're looking for.

That's a staggering 17.5% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate)! No wonder more organizations are adding cloud solutions into their belt.

Nevertheless, once you have decided to adopt a cloud for your business, the next step is to decide whether you need a public cloud or a private cloud.

Comparing Public Cloud and Private Cloud

Public clouds provide services ranging from simple data storage to advanced software developments, hosted on shared servers. They are preferred and for their super low-cost nature, scalability, and flexibility.

But, for enterprise-level businesses with high computational workloads, the subscription-style working of a public cloud can prove to be expensive. Another factor to consider is the shared servers on public cloud. There is no information overlap as cloud providers ensure all security, but companies dealing with sensitive data often don't prefer public cloud.

Here's where private clouds come into play. Private clouds are built for and only handles operations for a single business organization. They can also be customized according to the needs of the firm. Let's have a detailed look at the benefits of private cloud.

Better Security

Security is the prime reason many enterprises prefer private clouds compared to public clouds. With private clouds, your data is stored and managed on servers built for and used exclusively by you. The resources aren't shared with any other customer of the cloud provider. It also allows your IT team to set extra security features.

Added Control

Be it on-premise or in a hosted environment, a private cloud will give you more control over the infrastructure. You can liaise with the cloud provider to ensure that necessary upgrades are done and adapt easily according to growing business needs. Your IT team can use various tools to eliminate risks and reduce any possible downtime.


Private clouds are slightly more expensive than public clouds, yes. But with the added benefits, it makes long-term sense for many companies to adopt a private cloud. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for private clouds is lesser if you have high computing needs and are looking for a long-term solution.

Greater Customization

A universal solution such as private cloud might not be ideal for businesses with different needs and natures. A highly customizable private cloud will be ideal for your company if you are looking for a cloud solution that caters exclusively to your needs. You can also meet your varying organizational goals by customizing infrastructure through types of cloud scalability.

Compliance to Regulations

Certain industries have strict rules to be followed in terms of data storage, management, and security. A private cloud can help you adhere to these requirements, including local-geographic, national, or industry-specific regulations.


Many companies, with their own IT infrastructure, underutilize their servers. Private clouds allow you to benefit from virtualization with all the security of having your own IT infrastructure. A single server can create many virtual environments, or a single system can run multiple applications faster with virtualization.

Switching to Private Cloud with VEXXHOST

Are you looking to switch to a private cloud? VEXXHOST has enterprise-grade infrastructure solutions you could take advantage of. Set up your OpenStack private cloud with us and enjoy the many benefits of a highly secure cloud environment.

We also encourage you to improve your knowledge of private clouds. Find our vast range of resources and contact our team with any questions you may have.

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