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How a Private Cloud is Crucial for Strategic Flexibility

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Ensuring strategic flexibility is critical for organizations striving to maintain an economic edge & competitive advantage. Learn more here.

As the appeal and benefits of multi-cloud strategies continue to expand, so does the need for increasingly flexible infrastructure. Simply put, the decisions and directions taken today will impact an organizations ability to meet the shifting demands of the future. This is where a private cloud comes in.

What is Strategic Flexibility?

There are multiple components to developing strategically flexible cloud infrastructure, starting with the appropriate resources, located in the appropriate area so as to deliver the provisioned resources without interference, as needed. It is also vital that the selected platform can conform to any compliance requirements as they stand now as well as in the future due to the growing complexity of rule systems.

Another aspect of strategic flexibility involves the ability to innovate while maintaining freedom of choice when it comes to vendor and technology selection, requiring a healthy balance between proprietary and open-source. By avoiding any sort of vendor lock-in situation, organizations can preserve their economic leverage

Retaining data and architectural control is also key for strategic flexibility. Network, computing and storage architectures should be selected and customized based on an organization's specific use cases, enabling the analyzation of large quantities of data. Not to mention the impact that architecture and location have on performance.

A final factor of strategic flexibility has to do with easy to scale capacity when it's needed. With the state of constant innovation in an already fast-paced industry, predicting demand can pose a serious challenge. However, with managed services, the complexity of scaling up or down can be removed from the user end.


How a Private Cloud Delivers

With a private cloud, organizations have the strategic flexibility to make use of hardware either on-premise or within a data centre depending on their needs, while being able to benefit from it as a fully managed service, enabling them to focus on their core competencies. Through private cloud infrastructure that is both responsive and customizable, organizations are also faced with much lower costs when compared to legacy infrastructure.

VEXXHOST's** private cloud** offers expansive options to organizations, ensuring no vendor lock-in through OpenStack powered technology, multiple deployment and architecture options, and scalability all with competitive pricing. This enterprise-grade, fully managed solution can support your business in its transition to the cloud, as well as in the path to strategic flexibility. There is so much more to what private cloud can offer, you can have a look for yourself in this all-encompassing post or contact us today!

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