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Importance Of Hardware In Cloud Computing

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Hardware considerations are often overlooked when strategizing for cloud computing. Here are some reasons why hardware is so important.

An enterprise that is committed to a robust and modern IT infrastructure is implementing cloud computing. Transitioning from on-premise applications to cloud computing is not easy and requires significant planning. But hardware considerations are often overlooked. Strategizing cloud resources and planning for your use case is essential to setting up an efficient cloud infrastructure. The hardware components of cloud computing are just as integral to this stage. Hardware provides mission-critical capabilities to your cloud setup and ignoring it would do grave injustice to your organization.

Why Is Hardware Important For Cloud Computing?

Let's take a look at some prominent reasons why hardware is so essential for cloud computing:

  1. You need to identify the right hardware depending upon the level of computing power you require. The use case makes all the difference; if you are looking to run workloads for machine learning or carry out small scale backend business operations, the hardware type will differ. Therefore, you optimize for a cloud model that best fits your needs.
  2. Optimizing cost based on the value you get out of the hardware. It is a complex concept, but cost efficiency is critical when operating IT infrastructure like a cloud, especially for the long run. Purchasing hardware stacks at a reasonable price can be tough as opposed to overly expensive and exceedingly powerful ones. So, find a cloud provider that has your budget and long-term financial viability in mind.
  3. Hardware considerations do not apply to private cloud alone. In the case of public cloud too, you must be considerate of the kind of hardware your data or workload is migrating to. Cloud resources made available to you via a public cloud must support the applications and their functions.

Choosing the correct hardware can go a long way in ensuring that cloud performance is optimal while maintaining cost-efficiency. To help you further in your cloud journey here is some insight on server types for better understanding.

A holistic approach to cloud strategy is what leads to a high performing cloud deployment. Do not lose sight of the IT budget of your organization and the basic workload requirements. Decision-makers must make informed and consistent decisions about the choice of underlying hardware and management framework to maintain a modern IT infrastructure.

The VEXXHOST Difference

With VEXXHOST as your cloud service provider, you get to choose the hardware for your OpenStack based private cloud yourself. We offer full architecture of the cloud, based on all your business requirements, through the availability of Intel x86 and Arm 64-bit architecture, in addition to the option of NVIDIA accelerators for our enterprise-grade GPUs.

We offer great flexibility and customization for your cloud deployment and the while remaining economical. Get in touch with our experts to know more about how an OpenStack cloud is suitable for your enterprise.

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