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7 Important Steps to Secure Your CI/CD Pipeline

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

CI/CD pipeline connects the gaps between development and operations in an IT environment. Here is a glance at 7 ways to ensure security in the process.

CI/CD pipeline connects the gaps between development and operations in an IT environment. They also enforce automation in various processes such as building, testing, and deployment of applications. For the app to be secure, the relevant CI/CD pipelines should be safe as well. Moreover, the pipeline access to various processes means that one attack in one stage could spread to other areas. Thus, there is an absolute need to secure the environment. Here is a glance at seven ways to ensure that.

1. Secure Connections and Identify Weak Spots

Identify potentially vulnerable spots within the process from build to deployment. Map threats and take steps to secure connections. If something doesn't match up with the security policy you have outlined, replace it with an efficient mechanism.

2. Improve Access Controls for the CI/CD Pipeline

Set up strict rules as to who can access each point of the pipeline and for how long. Establish multi-factor authentications for extra protection. Have a log on these access controls for easier identification of problems. Keep rotating authentication protocols if needed.

3. Enforce Strong Permission-based Environment

Have enforceable permissions in place regarding which member can do what tasks. A person who isn't cleared for certain tasks can cause damage to the entire CI/CD pipeline and hamper production and deployment timelines. Take steps to avoid such issues.

4. Safeguard Sensitive Information

Sensitive information can come in different forms - they can be regarding the project the team is working on, access credentials and passwords, encryption keys, API tokens, etc. Leakage of any of this information can lead to severe data breaches. Instituting key management tools and auditing code repositories can help tackle this challenge.

5. Lock Code Repositories

Sometimes, self-hosting code repositories can lead to the risk of misconfigurations and exposure to the pipeline. Regardless of the kind of hosting, implementing two-factor authentication and signed commits can take care of most of the issues—train personnel to use and ock up code repositories effectively.

6. Constant Monitoring and Clean Ups

A CI/CD pipeline has a lot of moving parts. Do not let the volume of processes within slack on regular monitoring and clean up of the system. Make sure to remove unused containers, VMs, or other tools periodically.

7. Keep Watch on Industry Developments

The DevOps landscape is constantly evolving along with anything technology. IT teams must be aware of the changes happening in terms of securing the CI/CD pipeline. Adopt tools and upgrades timely to ensure you don't lag and give space to potential attacks.

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