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6 Things You Get From a VEXXHOST Private Cloud

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

A VEXXHOST private cloud is highly customizable to suit your needs and promises certain things to your cloud advantage. Here is a look at these attributes.

Considering migrating to a cloud environment? Let's talk about VEXXHOST private cloud.

We know cloud adoption is not an easy decision to make. There are many factors involved with it and a lot of strategic changes your organization should undergo. That's where we can help you.

A VEXXHOST private cloud is fully customizable according to your specific needs. From small enterprises to multi-national corporations to governments, VEXXHOST has expertise dealing with all kinds of industries and organizations and is familiar with the layouts for each case. We listen to your infrastructural needs and cloud expectations a make a plan for you. Our expert team will clarify any doubts you have regarding cloud deployment and discuss the best practices promptly.

No matter what shape your customized cloud takes, here are six things you receive with a VEXXHOST private cloud.

#1 - All-in-one Environment

Three foundational components need to be set in place for any cloud to be versatile and with unlimited possibilities of growth. VEXXHOST's private cloud will give you Virtual Machines, Bare Metal, and Kubernetes in an all-in-one environment! This unique industry offering from VEXXHOST allows you to create a tailor-made infrastructure. Each of these elements separately or working with each other can give you the power to establish and take forward the business model you wish for.

#2 - No Downtime

At VEXXHOST, we understand how critical every moment of your business operation is and how any downtime can adversely affect your enterprise and its projects. That's the reason we take extra care in ensuring you don't experience any downtime. When there is a need to carry out regular maintenance or upgrades, we use live migrations to avoid any downtime and ensure that your business runs smoothly. For example, when we upgraded from SSD to NVMe storage during our recent public cloud revamp, no downtime was experienced by any of our clients. The shift was done seamlessly, and the only difference users felt was an increase in performance.

#3 - OpenStack Services

At VEXXHOST, we offer a variety of enterprise-grade OpenStack services for your private cloud. These projects can handle anything from basic compute and networking to big data and storage to containers and orchestration. These projects play a major part in the customization process we were mentioning earlier. The flexibility of an open source, OpenStack based model really comes into play here. According to specific user scenarios, we deploy a number of these projects to create your cloud. These OpenStack services are also constantly under revisions and upgrades. Rest assured, VEXXHOST will provide you with the latest of everything without you worrying about the upgrades.

#4 - High Availability

All of the operational tools and processes within the private cloud we build for you are always designed to support high availability. The containerized control plane provided by us is highly available and powered by Kubernetes. As an active user, this gives you the freedom to operate smoothly and do what you do best.

#5 - Simple Interface

No matter how sophisticated a cloud environment is, if the user experience is not easy enough to handle, things will always attract trouble. Through the fuss-free control provided by VEXXHOST with the whole line-up of OpenStack services in a single place, VEXXHOST's private cloud makes navigation and user interface seamless for you. The interface is powered by OpenStack Horizon, a specialized tool that ensures power and compatibility. Would you like to request a demo to see how easy the experience is?

#6 - Ceph Storage

Ceph Storage is at the foundation of every deployment VEXXHOST does. Ceph is an open source storage solution that allows block storage, object storage, and file storage from a unified system. Designed to be self-healing and self-managed, Ceph nodes function by employing five distinct and fully distributed daemons that allow direct user interaction. Benefits such as easy adoption, better security, high availability, performance, and cost-effectiveness make Ceph a favorite for us. VEXXHOST is also a member of the Ceph Foundation since 2019. Find out more about the platform and how it helps OpenStack private clouds from this cool infographic blog on Ceph.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, you will receive various other things and advantages with a VEXXHOST private cloud. For example, the OpenStack-based cloud that VEXXHOST deploys for you is customizable and comes with the advantages of zero license fees or vendor lock-ins. Check out our dedicated resources page on private clouds to know more about the topic. And of course, contact us regarding your questions on how we can assist you with private cloud deployment

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