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3 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Cloud On OpenStack

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Choosing to build your cloud on OpenStack allows your business to scale up with simplicity, utilize automation and take advantage of a unique community.

Has your business been thinking about building your cloud using OpenStack? When it comes time to start your open-source journey, your best solution is to trust an open-source cloud operating system. Especially one that can fulfill all the needs of your business or organization. The bigger and better the ecosystem, the more opportunities and choices you'll have on your platform. Whether you're looking to scale up with simplicity, utilize automation, take advantage of a unique community or partner with a cloud provider to reach your goals, there's a lot to consider when you're building a cloud environment.

Keep reading to learn precisely why OpenStack is the world's most widely deployed open-source cloud infrastructure software and why you should consider building your cloud environment on OpenStack.

Scale With Simplicity

When you can adjust your computing capacity depending on the needs of your business then you have the right amount of scale and flexibility to succeed. Building your your cloud with OpenStack can allow you to scale with simplicity.

If you know you're about to have an influx of data, or you need to accommodate more customers, or you need to run several demanding calculations at one time. No matter what the situation you can ensure that you're prepared. A virtual server can help you keep up with the high demand and heavy workloads. OpenStack helps with the process since it's created for ultimate agility and flexibility. Your business can run ten instances or ten thousand instances. Thanks to OpenStack it's all possible.

Make Your Life Easier With Automation

With OpenStack, administration management is a breeze. OpenStack's powerful tools allow for many tedious tasks to become automated, thus freeing up more time to be allotted to more pressing areas of the business.

API's allow you to have complete control over your cloud through other programs. You can develop and deliver better applications faster while taking advantage of the software-defined infrastructure platform. Think of it as a simplified development of specific apps alongside faster development overall. Making it not only faster but a cheaper alternative as well.

Benefit From A Vibrant OpenStack Cloud Community

One of the biggest benefits of OpenStack is the unique community of users and developers that are a fundamental part of it. The OpenStack community goes so much further than just standard IT, it provides integral help to academic research, telecommunications, governments, and even the entertainment industry. Solutions and documentation are easily accessible through an OpenStack portal and developers are constantly working to improve OpenStack and fix bugs whenever they occur.

From global summits to diverse groups within the community, the OpenStack community only continues to grow and improve the open-source cloud operating system.

Build Your Cloud Using OpenStack

OpenStack was created for everyone, but it's not as simple as merely running OpenStack on your hardware. To optimize your cloud infrastructure, you need to have an expert on your side. VEXXHOST is here to help to create an OpenStack cloud solution that works best for the needs of your business. A fully managed OpenStack cloud means that you're leveraging the expertise of your vendor and ensuring the highest level of availability possible.

Did you know that the experts at VEXXHOST are OpenStack certified? For nearly the past decade we have been using and contributing upstream to OpenStack. Certainly, it's safe to say we know OpenStack inside and out. We're currently running the latest OpenStack release, Train, and have been since the day of its release.

We offer a fully managed solution so you can focus on the core competencies of your business while we take care of the rest. Convinced you should build your cloud on OpenStack? We're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our fully managed solution.

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