VEXXHOST Web Hosting Announces World IPv6 Day Participation.

Web hosting & Cloud hosting leader VEXXHOST has announced it’s launch of its dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 network over its cloud infrastructure. VEXXHOST also announces their participation in World IPv6 day as a participating organization that has deployed an IPv6 network and allows for customers to deploy and deliver their content on IPv6.

As part of VEXXHOST’s initiative to increase the IPv6 connectivity around the world and allow organizations to bring their applications and services to IPv6, VEXXHOST is including 1 /64 subnet with each cloud server at no extra cost for all current and future clients. This means that every single new cloud server deployed on the cloud continues to come with 4 free IPv4 addresses as well as 1 free IPv6 subnet which contains 2^64 unique IP addresses.

The amount of total IPv4 addresses is a combination of 2^32 possible unique IP addresses. The IPv6 architecture has major modifications in place so that there is a total of 2^128 total unique IP addresses. This ensures that there should not be any future IP address issues, as per calculations; there are roughly 5000 IP addresses for every square micrometer of the Earth’s surface.

The dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 implementation of the cloud allows customers to make their services available on both networks. This allows customers to become ready for the transition to IPv6, an issue that has to be addressed in the close future as we approach the end of IPv4 addressing. Once the IPv6 network is fully deployed all over the world, clients would safely and easily remove all IPv4 connectivity to switch to native IPv6 only.

About VEXXHOST (https://vexxhost.com)
VEXXHOST is a private debt-free company based in Montreal, Canada. The strategic location of their datacenter located in a centralized location between the United States, Europe & western Canada allows for low latency and high transfer speeds. VEXXHOST offers the latest enterprise and stable technologies to their clients at low cost. Starting from shared web hosting, semi-dedicated web hosting, reseller web hosting all up until cloud hosting. Their high quality service coupled with their affordable pricing makes them a high contender in a saturated market.

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