VEXXHOST Announces OpenStack® Public Cloud Computing Service.

VEXXHOST, one of the international leaders in online web and cloud hosting services, announced today the release of their redundant, high performance cloud computing platform.

The infrastructure-as-a-service platform is powered by OpenStack®, a highly scalable open source cloud operating system that powers some of the world’s largest enterprises.

This new cloud technology comes after over a year of development, engineering and testing in order to find the perfect combination of hardware and software. Starting from high performance, high-density servers up to procedures to add compute capacity near instantly.

For VEXXHOST’s customers, this means that getting their servers on the cloud is as simple as filling a small sign up form and creating their server. The control panel that powers this entire infrastructure is an in-house developed control panel that leverages all of the OpenStack® compute features, from simple server creation & power tasks up until complex security groups and key pair injection.

The cloud system offers very popular templates, both Linux & Windows with a list of templates being constantly added. The VEXXHOST platform also offers unique features that are not offered with any other OpenStack® cloud, such as advanced performance metrics for each server and full system logs, included for free.

The implementation between the operating system and cloud layer is fully integrated, allowing the cloud platform to interact with the customers cloud server transparently using an advanced agent. This means that customers can complete tasks such as password resets without any reboots.

It also allows customers to add/remove IP addresses from the control panel, and those changes will be reflected instantly in the network configuration on the server, allowing for easy server management. All these changes can be completed using full access to the OpenStack® API.

As online services start moving to cloud based services, VEXXHOST aims to continue to create and add new cloud based services to facilitate cloud adoptions, from basic services such as DNS up until complex services such as load balancers and fully managed and automatically scalable application hosting.

VEXXHOST, Inc. was founded in 2006 to provide online hosting services and it has grown to be one of the large technology leaders in the hosting industry, offering the latest cloud based services to thousands of customers, from small businesses to governments, from over 150 different countries.

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