OpenStack + Hosted Private Cloud + Fully Managed

Your hand guide to a cost-effective IT infrastructure

It is possible to build successful infrastructure when business owners and executives have the right resources at their disposal. When the right open-source computing platform is accessible, it’s easy to optimize for the best business outcomes possible. An OpenStack hosted private cloud, and fully managed solution is a viable foundation in building successful cloud infrastructure.

Using OpenStack as an open-source software platform allows users to merge virtual resources to build, scale and manage private and public clouds. Many of the world’s biggest brands in industries such as healthcare, education, finance and gaming all trust the expertise of OpenStack to run their businesses. Industries that adopt an OpenStack private cloud experience highly-scalable resources, on-demand services, broader network access, and strategic flexibility. One of the most notable benefits for enterprises is improved uptime with lower costs than traditional IT infrastructure.

In this resource, VEXXHOST will take a deep dive into what fully managed means, why OpenStack, and why VEXXHOST.