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WordPress 3.5 Upgrade Issue: Warning In wp-db.php

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

With so many websites on our system and an automated notification system that lets you know if your scripts are out of date, we are happy to always know that a large majority of our sites are running the latest and most secure releases of the latest scripts, such as WordPress.

Our system is designed to always make sure that your scripts are up to date and send you an email notification if they are not, letting you know to upgrade them. Not to mention the one-click WordPress installation which our customers love!

However, technologies like WordPress are so fast-paced and change a lot. If you have used WordPress for a long time, not a couple of versions away we had an old simple UI with no AJAX or responsiveness, but the project has come a long way since it was first established.

WordPress is undoubtedly the script of choice if you want to start a blog, it has an immense ecosystem of plugins that can make WordPress do a large variety of things and a huge theme base which allows you to customize the looks of your website, we have even seen it used for more than blogging, such as a content management system and even eCommerce websites!

With the latest update, codenamed “Elvin”, it brings us some of the coolest features ever and one of the things that WordPress is known for, 1 new base theme per year, and we finally have a new one, Twenty Twelve

Unfortunately, this update added some extra security checks which broke some of the older plugins and will give you an error along these lines:

If you are not a developer, the first step to make this not so nice warning disappear is to open your wp-config.php file and add the ini_set function call as follows:

This will hide all those warnings and your page should appear properly without those errors, however, the plugin is most probably still malfunctioning. The first step is to make sure all your plugins are updated, as the developer might have resolved that issue already!

If all your scripts are up to date, then you can look at the error and try to identify the theme or plugin that's causing that issue, as you read from the error we wrote above, you'll notice classipress which links it to the ClassiPress theme, you can then contact the developer so they can look into it, possibly including this helpful post by Andrew Nacin, one of the lead and core developers of WordPress.

TL;DR: Upgrade your plugins, if you are still seeing the error, contact the plugin developer!

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