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How To Win At Cloud Availability And Combat Downtime

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We're here today to highlight exactly how your business can win at cloud availability and combat downtime. Ensure that you and your business are available 24/7 for your customers and partners.

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Downtime is a word that no business ever wants to hear. It's associated with feelings of stress, loss of profits, and negative user experience. Certainly, with more and more businesses making the move to the cloud, it's never been more important to take accountability and make sure that measures are in place to combat downtime because downtime is not inevitable. Therefore, it is possible for your business to win at cloud availability and combat downtime.

For instance, it's predicted that businesses will spend nearly $2 trillion USD on digital transformations by 2021. Moreover, digital initiatives are taking center stage for their flexibility, scalability, and security benefits. That being said, it's never been more important to ensure that everything is running smoothly, especially in a world where every virtual touchpoint is digital.

We're here today to highlight exactly how your business can win at cloud availability and combat downtime. So keep reading to learn more.

Take Measures Against Downtime

While it is impossible to guarantee no downtime altogether, your business can take measures to ensure that it experiences little to no downtime. In today's world, there is a major emphasis on the need for performance and availability when it comes to your IT infrastructure. Those, alongside security and cost, are greatly emphasized in the modern technological landscape.

It's important to address the common causes of downtime. Common causes of downtime can be anything from network failure, unexpected surges in usage, human errors, software malfunctions, and infrastructures that fail. Furthermore, when preventative maintenance and measures are put into place it's easier for a business to feel prepared for any occurrences.

What Does Downtime Actually Cost You?

Asides from bad user experience and potentially negative coverage, downtime costs your business more than you think. Lost revenue, lost productivity, and other compliance-based costs all tally up quickly during any downtime. Moreover, businesses that experience frequent and prolonged downtime have higher overall costs mitigating downtime and related loss of staff productivity.

How To Win At Cloud Availability?

How can your business win at cloud availability and combat dreaded downtime? It's time for your business to take some proactive measures to prevent any disruptions in your digital services. There are several things you can do.

Take Advantage Of Comprehensive Monitoring

Firstly, whether you manage your cloud within your IT department, or you have a fully managed solution with your cloud provider, monitoring your availability is one of the best ways to ensure that your business experiences little to no downtime. Implement software that comprehensively monitors your infrastructure and you'll be mitigating major risks.

Embrace Data Forecasting

Imagine if you had a crystal ball? Certainly, embracing data forecasting can give your business vital early visibility into trends that could signify performance issues ahead. Proactively identifying future failures can be a strong step in prevention.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Finally, now is not the time to wait until your business experiences downtime. You need to have a plan in place. Hopefully, you'll never need it but it's important to prepare. So set out a detailed plan of how to escalate any outages and how to remedy the situation quickly in the case of an outage occurring. In short, the faster you're able to resume your regular service- the better.

The team at VEXXHOST are experts at winning the cloud availability game. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business combat downtime and optimize for success.

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