/Why visitors will return to your site

Why visitors will return to your site

According to a survey, here are the top reasons why visitors come back to your site:

  1. Content (74%)
    The main reason for a user to not visit your site again was most of the time “non-sense” or irrelivant content.

  2. Enjoyability of the site (71%)
    It was either something interesting in the layout or the interface that made them come back.

  3. Organization of content (68%)
    Users returned to sites that were well organized with a good layout & no text not all over the place.

  4. Uniqueness of the site (66%)
    Uniqueness is a big factor in sites, if it is something they’ve seen before, chances they won’t come back to your site.

  5. Ease of access (64%)
    The easier users can find content and information on your site, they more they returned to it.

  6. Visually attractive (58%)
    Good looking sites with effort put into the theme of the site had a reasonable amount of people come back.

  7. Easy to navigate (54%)
    This one is self-explaintory. Navigation should always be in a clear place, such as under the header or to the left side (mostly).

  8. Website speed (53%)
    Sure we all share this one, if a site is slow at loading, chances that we’ll never visit the site again because it’s “slow”.

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