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Why Should You Embrace Hybrid Cloud

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

A hybrid cloud approach can do wonders for your cloud environment and improve the efficiency of your infrastructure. Learn all about it with us!

In the current time of crisis, we are all aware of how businesses are struggling to stay afloat. Many approaches have been implemented for business success in challenging times. One prevalent method is the adoption of cloud computing. Even before the upheaval forecasts suggested that IT spend in the direction of cloud infrastructure would rise a lot more than non-cloud services.

Cloud deployment's viability depends not only on short term goals but also on long term results. Enterprises that lack such vision are likely to fall behind irrespective of short term gain made by cloud adoption. There are several ways to future-proof your cloud, and hybrid cloud is one way to prepare for all kinds of workloads and cloud computing challenges.

Let's take a look at some of the ways a hybrid cloud approach can improve your cloud strategy and help achieve business success:

Added Security

Shifting to the cloud comes with a myriad of business concerns, security being on top of the list. A public cloud can be the riskier cloud service if your business deals with sensitive data, and it certainly offers less control than its private alternative. Diversifying your cloud infrastructure by adding a private cloud setup can be very beneficial. The use case of your workloads or data sensitivity determines which services or applications remain in the public cloud, and which moves to the private environment.

Enhanced Flexibility

Hybrid cloud offers more flexibility than when you run only public or a private cloud. Going the hybrid way equips you with the security of a private cloud and the scalability of a public cloud. Combining the two enables you to meet every specific requirement of your business. From agility to cost-effectiveness, a hybrid cloud will cover all such advantages.

Reduced Costs

Hybrid cloud models are set up on a pay-as-you-go billing system, saving the high cost of infrastructure requirements. Businesses that choose hybrid cloud incur a lower total cost of ownership in comparison to those that run an all-cloud environment.

Hybrid Cloud Adoption

It is easier said than done that one must maintain a diversified cloud infrastructure. Migrating to obtain a hybrid cloud environment is not an easy feat. Enterprises face several challenges like security, lack of adequate skills, budget constraints, possibly even downtime. Therefore, a multi-faced approach is a requirement for a smooth transition.

Moving workloads from a public to a private cloud setup can be troublesome, so find yourself the right cloud provider for it. At VEXXHOST, we provide OpenStack based cloud services, making it easy for you to move your workloads due to the high compatibility of OpenStack clouds. With extensive experience in cloud migration for small and large businesses, we bring to you a seamless process that ensures security and little to no downtime. You can start making the most of the flexibility of an OpenStack private cloud in no time. Get in touch with our experts to know more about how we can assist you in your journey to hybrid cloud.

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