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Why Should You Deploy Kubernetes on Bare Metal?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Strategizing your cloud stack is vital for its efficiency. Here are some reasons why deploying Kubernetes on bare metal infrastructure is for you.

When architecting your cloud infrastructure, you have to decide how to deploy your tools and machines. In recent times, it is common practice to deploy your Kubernetes in virtual machines hosted on a virtualized platform. This deployment strategy works well as an intermediate step for introducing cloud-native applications. What we don't pay much attention to is that deploying Kubernetes in virtual settings adds extra cost and complexity to the cloud infrastructure.

Kubernetes on Bare Metal

If you are looking for a more economical solution for container orchestration in your cloud ecosystem, then you can deploy Kubernetes on bare metal as well! Through this approach, no virtualized layer is apart of the cloud stack. By means of VEXXHOST's OpenStack powered private cloud, you have the freedom to deploy all or any of bare metal, virtual machine and Kubernetes. We offer an all-in-one environment which favourably impacts storage, automation and networking.


It might be easy on the cloud budget to deploy Kubernetes on Bare Metal, but here are some additional advantages of doing the same:

  1. Simplified network deployment and operations through easier lifecycle management of the cloud infrastructure. As there is one layer less in the stack, streamlining of management and operations is simplified. Therefore, enabling faster fault isolation and troubleshooting.
  2. More compute and storage resources are now available for application deployments, thereby increasing hardware efficiency. Improved hardware efficiency is significant for edge computing, as resources are scarce in remote locations.
  3. With minimized dependencies in the cloud stack, it becomes easier to automate lifecycle management. Moreover, integrating CI/CD tools is seamless with a bare metal cloud infrastructure as the base.
  4. Introduction of new hardware acceleration technologies and support for GPUs, needed for incredibly demanding applications become more straightforward for new 5G use cases.

Strategizing Your Stack

Each cloud is unique to its user. Depending upon your business requirements, your cloud infrastructure will differ in terms of its architecture and design. Thus, it is not conclusive that Kubernetes on bare metal infrastructure is a one-size-fits-all solution.

Take the time to analyze your enterprise goals before deciding on the architecture of your cloud ecosystem. You need to ensure that both present and future requirements are taken into account for improved agility in the cloud computing journey. What you need is the guidance of a sustainable cloud vendor like VEXXHOST to help strategize your cloud.

We have extensive experience in deploying customized Openstack powered private clouds for businesses big and small. Furthermore, our Kubernetes Enablement offering can deploy a fully-managed solution on your existing OpenStack private cloud. Consult our experts to know more about what cloud infrastructure is best suited for your organization.

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