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Why Decision Makers Should Care About Enterprise Grade GPUs

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Enterprise-grade GPUs can have a massive impact on business success. Read on to know how your organization can empower itself and increase productivity.

When it comes to making the most of large amounts of data all the while increasing speed and efficiency decision-makers should be looking to enterprise-grade GPUs. Businesses across a wide range of industries can stand to benefit from GPUs. With thousands of processing cores available on a single card, it is now possible to tackle intensive workloads that would not be suitable for CPUs.

If your business is looking for high-performance computing that can work with everything from deep learning, artificial intelligence to big data then you should learn how the power of GPUs can impact your business.

We are here today to dive into why decision-makers should care about enterprise-grade GPUs. We will elaborate on how they can increase return on investment for your business. From increased productivity to lower overall costs, your business cannot afford to be missing out such impact. Let's delve straight into it.

Why Decision Makers Should Care About Enterprise-Grade GPUs

As a decision-maker, you may be asking yourself what makes enterprise-grade GPUs different from a standard GPU. An enterprise-grade GPU offers the highest performing infrastructure with the least amount of complexity. Enterprise-grade GPUs have the capability to complete mission-critical tasks in a secure and efficient way. They are built for the evolving needs of enterprises. In addition, they are able to speed through data processing, increase productivity, and empower businesses to work with big data.

Fast Data Processing

When it comes to processing large amounts of data quickly, enterprise-grade GPU can make all the difference. GPUs offer significantly faster processing speeds in a single server in comparison to CPUs. Minimize servers while maximizing speed and performance is a winning formula in any online strategy.

Increased Productivity

When you are able to process information more efficiently then it becomes easier to work with large amounts of data. GPU Speed has the ability to also increase overall productivity meaning that your business can be empowered to take advantage of extra workloads or projects that otherwise would not be possible.


Big Data, Artificial Intelligence And Beyond

We live in a world that is completely dominated by data and this trend is only expected to increase. Having high processing speeds and power behind your business can enable you to work with large amounts of information. GPUs also give the strength to work with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Thus, opening new avenues to your business.

Increase Your Return On Investment

Taking the time to become better acquainted with GPUs means more than just upgrading your IT department. Through their high-performance power, your business can also experience unforeseen economic benefits to implementing this technology into your cloud solution. Although GPUs cost more upfront than a standard fully loaded CPU server, it would take 250 CPU servers to match the single compute power of only one GPU server. This does not even take into account heating and cooling for on-premise solutions. Meaning that ultimately, if your business is looking to have higher returns on investment all while increasing your workloads an enterprise-grade GPU may be the perfect fit. From better performance to increased productivity, from a business perspective, there are many benefits to consider.

In a world where big data is taking the forefront stage, it is important to make sure that your business is ready. VEXXHOST offers enterprise-grade GPUs built to serve businesses that need high-performance power with their cloud computing solution. Contact our team of experts today to learn more about how we can elevate your business through our enterprise-grade GPU offering.

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