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What is Vertical Cloud? Explained.

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Vertical clouds are sets of cloud services optimized for particular industries or business models. Read on to know more about the topic.

Vertical clouds are sets of cloud services optimized for particular industries or business models. Some organizations can work with cloud computing services that are of general use. For others, there are more niche requirements regarding compliance, security, and several other factors. Vertical cloud providers facilitate services that help users meet these specific needs.

As an example, organizations in the healthcare and banking industries have to ensure data privacy in accordance with the various compliance requirements. Hence, organizations in the particular vertical might prefer cloud providers offering compliant services and other unique factors that cater to the industry.

Vertical Clouds - Advantages and Challenges

Cloud computing gives numerous benefits to industries, including increased scalability, cost benefits, and on-demand resources-usage capabilities. Organizations do not have to worry about on-premises infrastructure or associated costs with the cloud. Vertical clouds deliver all these advantages of the cloud while also providing industry-specific services and features. Furthermore, since vertical cloud providers cater to specific industries, they can provide tailor-made solutions to companies.

Vertical clouds also come with certain challenges. A major one is that not all vendors in these niche spaces have the large-scale capabilities and offerings as the larger providers. This lack of capabilities leads to less competitive pricing for seekers of vertical clouds.

Industry Usage of Vertical Clouds

Most vertical cloud services tend to fall under the SaaS category. However, they can also be Paas or IaaS. All kinds of cloud services can be in the realm of vertical clouds. While many major public cloud providers offer industry-specific clouds, there is a rising number of smaller providers with the same offerings in the market too.

Besides banking and healthcare, there are various industries where vertical cloud is finding its footing. They include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Oil and gas
  • Life sciences
  • Insurance and finance
  • Utilities

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