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What Is Threatening Your Infrastructure's Cybersecurity?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

The security of your infrastructure is critical for optimal cloud performance. Know about potent cybersecurity threats to better protect your cloud.

IT budgets are under scrutiny in many organizations, making them do more with less. The idea is to get the most ROI possible, even in the time of budget cuts. Cybersecurity division is working round the clock to maintain the security of your infrastructure also while combatting budgetary restrictions.

To ensure that adequate measures are taken to protect your data, you must be aware of the most potent threats. Identifying latent threats can better prepare to tackle them if they occur.

Let's take a look at some features that may put your infrastructure's resilience at-risk:

No Accountability

Privileged access credentials are the primary source of security breaches. Even maintaining shared passwords in password vaults can be damaging to security measures. It is challenging to know who is accessing and for what purpose.

Identity-centric method where privileged users sign in as themselves allows you to regain accountability. Additionally, there is authentication in place for them using the existing identity infrastructure.

Antiquated Security Systems

As IT budget evolves depending upon the economic scenario so should cybersecurity measures. Scrutinizing infrastructure environments helps see threatscapes from years ago. These threatscapes are inviting for hackers. Thus, they can penetrate obsolete legacy security systems to reach modern infrastructure like your cloud.

Keep up with the suggestions made by your team of analysts and cybersecurity division. These inputs help to know patterns of breach and areas where you need to mend loopholes. Provide your cybersecurity team with the tools that they need to keep your infrastructure resilient.

Basic IAM and PAM

Just a primary identity and access management (IAM) system is not enough. It may protect an elementary cloud environment. However, when increasing scale or diversifying to a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud approach, then it won't be sufficient.

Go beyond native IAM and privileged access management (PAM) provisioned to you by cloud providers. You can also find out what more does the cloud provider offer in terms of IAM and PAM.

Secure Your Infrastructure

It is time to prioritize the security of your infrastructure if you are not doing it already. Making sure your IT infrastructure is equipped with latest security features available enables you to keep up with digital transformations.

Monitoring your infrastructure is another crucial aspect to identify potential threats and keep them at bay. Invest in your security for better performance and a robust infrastructure.

If you are interested in a secure public cloud environment, VEXXHOST is the one for you. Running the largest OpenStack based public cloud in Canada, we have years of extensive experience. Get in touch with us to know about our data center security measures and how you can benefit from them.

P.S. Enhanced security is available to our Private Cloud clients as well!

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