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What Does OpenStack Foundation's Change of the Decade Mean to the OpenStack Community?

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

OpenStack Foundation has announced its evolution into the Open Infrastructure Foundation. Read all the relevant details here.

You've probably heard the news - the Open Stack Foundation has announced its evolution into the Open Infrastructure Foundation. If you haven't heard yet, well, here you go. The word in tech circles is that it is the biggest change for the Foundation since its inception in 2012 when it was set up to support the OpenStack project and community.

At VEXXHOST, we're more than excited about the evolution of OSF into OIF as a lot of things are changing for us as well. Here are all the details you need:

A Little Background

The OpenStack Foundation was established in 2012 to further advance the OpenStack project while also developing new projects under a much larger umbrella. During this process and even now, there often arises the confusion of both the foundation and the project being considered the same. For instance, when someone mentions the Foundation the other think of the project and so on. We've all been there.

In reality, the Foundation has grown to include much more under its wings and there was a need to make a distinction to enable further development. Moreover, the demands driven by modern use cases such as containers, AI, NFV, machine learning, edge computing, 5G, etc., placed on infrastructure, are also responsible for catalyzing this shift.

In these contexts, the OpenStack Foundation has been implementing a multi-year community evolution initiative and the renaming is a pivotal moment of the operation.

What Changes

Even with the evolution into Open Infrastructure Foundation, the heart of the initiative will still be the OpenStack project. It's just that the adoption and development of other projects will receive a larger scope and support than before.

The major open source projects that will receive this support are:

  • Airship
  • Kata Containers
  • Zuul
  • OpenInfra Labs
  • Startling X There are more innovations planned and as the time comes, they will be revealed to the community.

What Changes for VEXXHOST

VEXXHOST has a decade-long association with the OpenStack Foundation now, offering public and private cloud domain solutions in a dependable, consistent manner. Being an Infrastructure Donor and a Corporate Member, we've also associated with the Foundation as a steady contributor and user of OpenStack, other OSF projects, and Zuul. In the OpenStack Summit 2019, VEXXHOST received the Super User Award as well.

The points above reveal our steady partnership with the Foundation. We join the Foundation's new transformation with great pride and view it as a great opportunity for mutual growth. Not only will this help us in gaining exposure and expand our work within the OpenStack community but also allow us to strengthen our position as a forerunner in the open source industry.

Founding Silver Member

As mentioned before, VEXXHOST has been a Corporate Member of the OpenStack Foundation over the years. With the entity's evolution into the Open Infrastructure Foundation, we are proud to be accompanying as Founding Silver Member. This means that we will continue to extend our support in contributing to and developing the existing as well as upcoming projects.

Paraphrasing the quote from the classic movie Casablanca (1942), “We think this is the continuation of a beautiful friendship!”

VEXXHOST has a range of cloud offerings powered by OpenStack and other projects governed by the foundation. Schedule a call with us and get access to a free OpenStack environment. If you have any other queries regarding our services, contact us and we'll get back to you.

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