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What Accelerating Digital Transformation Means for Current Workforces

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

The digital transformation of enterprises catalyzed by the pandemic came with new frameworks, collaboration tools, and more. Read on.

The digital transformation of enterprises and their workforces, catalyzed by the pandemic, required a lot of investment, training, and support from companies. From PCs to services to infrastructure to data support, many things had to be on the 'edge.' Businesses worldwide had to set up new frameworks, security protocols, collaborative and productivity tools, and more to safely, securely, and rapidly move their majority workforces into virtual working environments. In this context, let us examine these changes in detail and see how digital transformation is here to stay.

Combating a Crisis with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation was happening even before the pandemic, but at a much slower pace. Many legacy companies who were hesitant in revamping their existing work structures and frameworks had no choice but to become digitally focused. What many perceived as a temporary challenge is still on the rise, even after a year, with COVID-19 cases soaring in many countries. To tackle the workforce challenges head-on, enterprises made robust business plans to stay on and serve their customers.

This increased wave of digital acceleration has also increased investment for tools that help with the transformation. Here are certain areas where this growth is the most evident.

Collaboration and Productivity Tools

In-person collaboration was mostly the norm for various projects within companies. With remote working, such collaborations obviously suffer. To ensure teams working together and communicate seamlessly even while being apart, companies are using various collaboration tools - Zoom, Slack, Teams, etc., are examples. From video conferencing to time management, there are tools for everything, ensuring smooth productivity for organizational success.

It is not just enough to have these tools in place. Companies are also integrating these tools with their existing frameworks and ensuring departments such as human resources and upper-level management know exactly what is going on. Enterprises are also having virtual parties and meetups to boost the overall morale of teams. Employee management is equally important as ensuring a smooth digital employee experience.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning are now being employed more to facilitate people and product management. AI tools are great for business predictions and trends, better equipping companies to foresee issues in advance and strategize accordingly. Artificial intelligence is also used to monitor and analyze data from every part of the company and centralize them to produce understandable, quantitative results.

Digital Transformation through Cloud Computing

Companies with a physical IT infrastructure realized that such a solution is not viable to facilitate remote working operations and invested in cloud computing to tackle the challenge. According to the nature of operations and the level of security and data regulations in place, businesses chose between public, private, or hybrid clouds. From agriculture to gaming to fintech, enterprises and organizations belonging to various industries operate with reliable and scalable cloud services to store, process, and manage their operations.

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