/Web hosting datacenter proximity, does it matter?

Web hosting datacenter proximity, does it matter?

A lot of users who are looking for web hosting usually take the location into matter to add to the complicated equation when looking for a web hosting company however it is not always the most important factor. It’s not completely unimportant but it is important to some point, you would at least want to have the datacenter at least in the same continent.

Of course, you won’t get the best speeds off your web hosting company if you are located in North America, it wouldn’t be the smartest idea to get your web hosting somewhere in southern Asia as it will be very slow & will be crawling for you and most of your clients if they are located in North America.

However, if you do take web hosting in a place such as Montreal, QC which is 5 hours north of New York, NY – The speed will not be that much different if it was actually located in Montreal, QC or New York, NY because the difference between the two is close to nothing at the speeds that the internet runs at. To conclude, the best idea is to get your web hosting services at a company close to you but not necessarily very close but not necessarily very far that your web site would be very slow.

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