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VEXXHOST's OpenStack Upgrades Solution - A Closer Look

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VEXXHOST's OpenStack Upgrades solution provides organizations with many advantages and features. Here is a glance at what enterprises get.

VEXXHOST's OpenStack Upgrades solution provides organizations with an existing OpenStack-powered private cloud the ability to benefit from any available release of the platform (for instance, the latest release, Wallaby). Through VEXXHOST's vast experience in managing the most significant public OpenStack cloud in Canada and numerous private clouds worldwide, we are well equipped to help businesses upgrade their cloud. This solution is delivered as a fully managed offering so you can focus on your core competencies while VEXXHOST handles the rest.

Prior to getting into the details, here is a look at why cloud upgrades (regardless of the platform) are essential.

Why Cloud Upgrades are Important

Cloud infrastructure doesn't end with its adoption. Many companies, both large and small, have transitioned from traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud. But is that enough? Technology, business needs, and security requirements are evolving rapidly, and a stagnant cloud is as bad as relying on traditional infrastructure. They are just not compatible with the new age and futuristic challenges. Upgrades, timely and regular, are the solution to tackle this problem. Here are the reasons why.

  • Business needs a competitive advantage
  • Old cloud infrastructure can be slower
  • Security issues
  • Having a modern workforce
  • Spend fewer resources on maintenance

More details on the above-mentioned reasons can be found here. Now, let us explore the various characteristics of VEXXHOST's OpenStack Upgrades.

VEXXHOST's OpenStack Upgrades - A Fully Managed Solution

As mentioned, VEXXHOST's OpenStack Upgrades solution is fully managed - you can leverage our decade's worth of OpenStack expertise experience to work for you. With VEXXHOST's extensive operations and contributions as part of the OpenStack community and our history of deploying the platform's latest releases as immediately after their launch, organizations can rest easy knowing we have the right solution for you and the best ways to do it.

Our OpenStack upgrades solution is also distribution agnostic. Since our core is OpenStack, VEXXHOST can upgrade your OpenStack cloud regardless of your current provider and OpenStack distribution method used for the deployment.

Seamless Upgrade Experience

Make use of VEXXHOST's experienced testing capabilities for the best upgrades for your enterprise. Since VEXXHOST operates an OpenStack public cloud with a known history of reliability, you will also benefit from high availability.

Furthermore, part of deploying a seamless upgrade includes performing appropriate testing as necessary. Through the use of OpenStack Tempest, VEXXHOST guarantees a flawless upgrading of your system.

Updated Features to Benefit From

Enjoy the best attributes of each OpenStack release by maximizing benefits and security. By upgrading to a later OpenStack release, users can benefit from continuously evolving open-source software, and critical project updates and features. By updating your cloud with more recent OpenStack releases, you aren't at risk of employing weakened or obsolete security features.

VEXXHOST Cloud Solutions

As a reputed IaaS provider, we ensure that our clients get timely upgrades for their cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, we build the infrastructure using an open source platform - always meaning free upgrades and no vendor-lock-ins. At VEXXHOST, we provide cloud solutions for a multitude of clients worldwide. We provide OpenStack-based clouds, including public clouds and dedicated and highly secure private cloud environments, ensuring utmost security and agility.

Take advantage of our limited-time deal just to set up a one-time, OpenStack-based private cloud deployment - at 50% off! The cloud will be running on the latest OpenStack release, Wallaby, which allows you to run Kubernetes and VMs in the same environment, and can be deployed in your own data centers with your hardware. Furthermore, all these will be deployed and tested in under a month!

What are you waiting for? Learn more!

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