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VEXXHOST Excited To Join The Ceph Foundation

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

They say December is the most wonderful time of the year. While everyone is preparing to celebrate the holidays the team at VEXXHOST has been celebrating something else new and exciting. We're delighted to announce that we are joining the Ceph Foundation as general members!

The Ceph Foundation are an incredible bunch. Through the organization and direct fund of the Linux Foundation, the Ceph Foundation provides a neutral home for the community to collaborate together. The Ceph Foundation was created to help empower individuals in the industry to pool resources together in support of a forum for all stakeholders to continue to develop and grow. Supported by a dynamic community of contributors, users, and global companies that work relentlessly to provide a space to learn, participate and contribute, one of its main goals is to provide an abundance of opportunities to get involved. We couldn't help but want to get involved!

As general members, we will help to elect a representative that will contribute to building and approving annual budgets in support of the Ceph Foundation,

establishing committees to address the current needs of the project and meet regularly to discuss the status of the Ceph project. We will be joining other general members such as ARM.

We've had the privilege of becoming members of the Linux Foundation since December 2018 (didn't we mention that December was worth celebrating?). We are passionate about contributing and giving back to the open-source community. Some of you may know that we are upstream contributors to many open source projects. We also donate infrastructure to the OpenStack Foundation and community and are actively involved in AnsibleFest and Open Infrastructure Summit. We participate in community initiatives because we believe that contributing to the open-source community is about more than simply making better software, it's about working to create a better world.

At VEXXHOST we're no strangers to Ceph, we use Ceph for our bare metal Kubernetes clusters, which happen to be the foundation of every deployment we do. We also use Ceph for storage in both our public and private cloud solutions. Ceph is the preferred storage solution for all our public clouds in all our regions because of its efficiency, agility, and flexible scalability. From North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and beyond, we've deployed private clouds with Ceph thanks to its ultimate flexibility in the cost of storing enterprise information in private clouds. We're also excited to present the varied ways we've been using Ceph in cases and share what we've learned at new future events and in fresh content.

We are currently running the latest version of Nautilus and we're excited to see further innovations in Ceph. Providing a neutral home for the community to collaborate encourages not only growth and participation but contributions to the open-source community for years to come. That is something that we at VEXXHOST have been committed to encouraging and enriching since we began in 2006. That's something that we like to celebrate every single day.

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