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Top SaaS Software Examples You Should Know

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

SaaS software applications can be used in a variety of industries for varied purposes. Here is an attempt to break down the major types. Read more.

The software as a service (SaaS) model is seeing widespread adoption from companies all over the world. There is much interest in the topic and it keeps rising with new SaaS products releasing from a multitude of providers. Not everyone is releasing the same product or even the same type of product. This range of products proves that SaaS applications can be used in a variety of industries for varied purposes. Here is an attempt to break down the major types of SaaS offerings belonging to different industries. Before getting into the topic, you can also have a look at our takes on what is SaaS, its advantages, and the differences between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

SaaS Software Types

As mentioned before, the many types of SaaS applications depend on the industry they belong to. With the growth in technology, there will be new examples and types popping up as well. What we mention here are the current leaders in SaaS software applications.

SaaS for Accounting

Accounting softwares help companies by simplifying their financial operations with automation and swift analytics. They come in handy if the enterprise has numerous financial calculations to deal with on a daily basis. SaaS accounting applications can help create invoices and bills, make timely reports, access transaction history with ease, and much more.

Enterprise Resouce Planning (ERP)

ERP software is used by many large-scale companies with varying business needs. ERPs can handle multiple business needs such as accounting, production, risk management, compliance, etc., and integrate different departmental operations with ease. From education to AI, many industries use ERPs to smoothen their operations.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

Customer data is key for all businesses to further their operations. CRM SaaS applications help in the effective management of customer-related information and can be used in strategies to increase sales and promotions. They can also automate and integrate several customer outreach activities such as emailers and social media posts, ad campaigns, etc.

Project Management

SaaS applications for project management are majorly used in enhancing and automating collaboration among teams within a company. They can reduce the burden of back and forth communication within teams as members get access to synchronized platforms to work efficiently.

SaaS for Communication

Communication SaaS tools are widely used across industries for tasks such as instant messaging or file sharing from anywhere in the world. With the pandemic accelerating remote work protocols, many organizations use SaaS applications to enable communication between employees and teams. These applications also almost always have the flexibility of working across devices such as mobile phones, laptops etc.

Other types of SaaS applications include CAD software, virtualization, gamification, talent acquisition, content management, database management, geographic information systems, and payroll processing tools.

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