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The Role Of Microservices Architecture

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Microservices are the architectural evolution from monolithic applications to web-scale applications.

Microservices Architecture

Microservice architecture is the evolution from monolithic applications to web-scale applications. With the increase of spending on digital transformations, the cloud microservice market is likely to grow rapidly as well. Moreover, as the traditional automation pyramid dissolves, the manufacturing industry is seeing a rapid increase in microservices growth. That being said, North American companies have adopted cloud microservices in several sectors, such as finance, eCommerce, and retail.

The cloud microservice market predicts to increase from $831.45 billion USD in 2019 to $2701.36 billion USD by 2025. The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the time period of 2019-2025 calculates to be 21.7%. These are so small figures and truly indicate the impact of microservice architecture and cloud computing.

Curious to learn more about the role of microservices architecture and some of the benefits it can have for your cloud solution? From improved fault isolation to increased scalability, keep reading to learn more about microservice architecture.

Advantages of Microservice Architecture

Microservice architecture encourages to break complex applications down into smaller, more independent processes. This further simplifies their development, making them a popular element for many cloud ecosystems. Lightweight container deployments and the adoption of Kubernetes are leading businesses and organizations alike to turn to microservices. Through this, they can experience a better architectural structure of infrastructure at the enterprise level.

They play an integral role in the modern DevOps infrastructure by supporting app delivery efficiently. Additionally, microservices are the building blocks for scalable cloud-native applications. There are many advantages to microservices and some of the biggest and brightest brands and businesses are turning to microservices as a solution to monolithic design structures. Here are some advantages that they can offer your business:

Improved Fault Isolation

When it comes to larger applications, thanks to microservices they are able to remain for the most part unaffected by the failure of a single module. Meaning that your overall cloud solution is better secured against any potential failures.

Smaller And Faster Deployments

When it comes to faster deployments there is a simple solution. The smaller the scope and the codebases, then the quicker the deployment. Not to mention users have the additional benefit of being able to explore the many benefits of Continuous Deployment in their cloud solution.


When it comes to scalability, your business should be able to scale up or down on resources depending on the individual needs of your business. Since the services are separate from microservice architecture, it is easier to scale only the ones that are needed at any given time. Diligent businesses may even experience some cost savings.

Zero Vendor Lock-In

No decision-maker wants vendor or technology lock-in. Microservices allow businesses to remain flexible as they try technologies such as Kubernetes. When it comes to concerns about dependability or whether the changes implemented will be impactful on your business, you have the opportunity to decide on your own terms, without the stress or expense of vendor lock-in.

The reasons behind the increased popularity of microservices architecture in cloud computing are evident. Simply said, microservices offer an architectural solution for businesses looking to design complex web-based applications in a way that is easy to break down into smaller applications.

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