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The Imminent Shifts In Cloud Strategy

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

With the evolving business environment, IT and cloud strategy is also witnessing a shift. Take a look at how enterprises are adjusting their strategy.

Cloud strategy is evolving rapidly to keep up with the new normal. IT teams are continually reevaluating their stance when it comes to new infrastructure and technological investments. One common practice is cloud migration. Enterprises are shifting their workloads to the cloud to stay afloat in challenging environments.

Evolution of Cloud Strategy

Even for those already operating in the cloud, specific cultural and operational shifts are bound to happen to stay relevant and competitive. Researchers analyzed the market and estimated that 80% of IT leaders believe that their cloud usage has increased significantly.

A notable change is the transformation of cloud spend. While some businesses are pushing towards more cloud resource usage, others have cut back on their consumption. A significant area that has seen the growth is cloud-based tools that facilitate remote working.

Furthermore, among existing cloud strategies, some impactful alterations have to do with cloud migration, stimulating digital transformation ambitions and invest in solutions that increase overall productivity.

Upcoming Changes

With the ever-changing business environment, certain things have become a priority for any enterprise operating in the cloud:

  1. Cost optimization: Recognizing the need for optimization is an essential part of cloud migration projects. Cloud ecosystem can be costly, and keeping expenses in check is difficult. But with adequate planning and monitoring of resources, organizations can improve on performance which staying financially viable.
  2. Multicloud: Multicloud approach goes a long way for reducing vendor dependency. Multicloud strategies focus on procurement, functionality and risk mitigation. Risk mitigation is critical in evolving business environments and helps better adapt to changes.

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