/Servers, meet Ksplice. Ksplice, meet servers. Clients, forget about downtime.

Servers, meet Ksplice. Ksplice, meet servers. Clients, forget about downtime.

After a great deal of rigorous testing in our server development labs with countless hardware and software combinations, we are proud to finally bring a new solid cutting-edge technology for our clients, Ksplice.

Ksplice is one of the latest innovations in server technologies. It allows us to update and patch important security updates on our servers without rebooting the server, therefore, no downtime at all.

Ksplice uses some magic to update the kernel while it’s running by making modifications to parts of it that require updating and dynamically reloading them.

We hope that you see the service improvement and we look forward to introducing new features on our web hosting service. Also, be on the lookout, Rails 3 developers, we have some cool upcoming features.

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