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5 Security Considerations While Adopting A Private Cloud Service

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

When a business is adopting a private cloud service, there are certain security considerations that will help them in the process. Here are some examples.

More businesses are adopting or considering a private cloud service to take care of their IT operations these days. The COVD-19 pandemic is definitely a catalyst in the rise of this demand. Business models have changed from on-site to mostly remote. Therefore, there is a need for storing and processing sensitive data without compromising on security.

Companies need to know what their requirements are before choosing a private cloud service. Here are certain security considerations that will help enterprises during the adoption of private cloud.

#1 - Ensuring a Dedicated Environment

Private clouds are either hosted in a data center of the cloud provider or set up on-premise at one of the company locations. For both of these solutions, know that the infrastructure is dedicated to single-tenant usage. This means your organization is not sharing the cloud with anyone, giving you added control over the cloud infrastructure.

For companies with highly sensitive data and security requirements, this control comes as a blessing. Such a system allows your company to place additional security measures other than the ones from the provider. It goes without saying that you have to check your provider's industry reputation and performance before choosing them to set up your secure cloud.

#2 - Being Clear About Customization

Cloud environments, especially private clouds, are highly customizable according to the company's requirements. Knowing how much and what kind of customization you want helps deal with critical workloads and reduce unwanted risks.

A private cloud service is set up in such a way that when organizational needs change rapidly, the cloud can scale and configure accordingly. This flexibility will also help in dealing with security breaches and adapting to changing security protocols. An OpenStack-based service like VEXXHOST's private cloud is needed to ensure this fluidity and flexibility.

#3 - Constant Availability and Reliable Monitoring

The dedicated nature of private cloud infrastructure has an impact on the performance of the cloud. As the performance gets better, there is a need to maintain a higher level of security measures in place.

Your private cloud service provider will have steps to monitor such risks and deal with them constantly, but you need to make sure that they have such a system in place. With VEXXHOST private cloud, we have monitoring mechanisms in place with a frequency of 5 minutes, enabling us to be constantly on-guard against potential threats.

#4 - Choosing Certified Providers for Private Cloud Service

This comes under the larger umbrella of checking your cloud provider's reputation but is worth mentioning separately. It is that important. Your company should be sure that the providers have what they claim they have. Certifications from authoritative entities will help ensure that. VEXXHOST is OpenStack and Kubernetes certified, and our private cloud clients have an assurance of quality when they approach us for our service. For hosted private clouds, you need to make sure the provider's data center has the right safety and regulatory certifications.

#5 - Complying with Data Regulations

Data regulations vary according to geographic and political boundaries. Complying with these regulations is of prime importance as any breach can result in hefty penalties and sanctions. They are also a means to protect the sensitive data of the company and the clients or users.

Companies and their private cloud providers should deploy the cloud in locations that ensure data compliance. For example, VEXXHOST has private clouds set up and running for governments, organizations, and enterprises in a large number of countries globally, complying with all data regulations of the regions.

Interested in setting up a private cloud with VEXXHOST? Contact us, and we will be happy to talk to you about it. If you want to know more about private cloud, our dedicated resource page is the right place for you.

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