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6 Reasons Why You Should Run Your Containers On OpenStack

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

Running your containers on OpenStack can offer strategic flexibility and agility when it matters most. Keep reading to learn more.

Let's talk about running containers on OpenStack.

In a fiercely competitive market, it's crucial that businesses keep up to date with trends and innovations within the IT space. The power of an OpenStack powered cloud allows users to deploy and update applications faster than ever before to keep up with what will only be bigger and bigger increases in demand.

Container technology in OpenStack can offer strategic flexibility and agility when it matters most. Moreover, with the power of containerization, your business will be able to manage applications in a consistent fashion all the while increasing overall efficiency.

Today we are going to review six reasons why containers and OpenStack work well together and why you should be running your containers on OpenStack. Keep reading to learn more.

Reason 1: Provides Measurable Standards

Thanks to the support of the growing OpenStack community that is comprised of users and developers, OpenStack is able to provide a good platform for building scalable clouds. Certainly, by providing measurable standards for cloud platforms, OpenStack can offer flexibility, efficiency, innovations, and savings for all users of their infrastructure.

Reason 2: Improves Overall Security

Some businesses are hesitant to adopt containers due to security concerns. Thankfully, OpenStack can help limit some of these security concerns and risks. Through the integration of certain tools for scanning and certification, OpenStack allows for the verification of container content. Thus ensuring that all content and containers are safe. Certainly, OpenStack clouds support both single and multi-tenant options for private and public clouds respectively. Furthermore, our business is able to select which cloud best suits your unique security needs. That being said, at VEXXHOST you'll find virtual machines, bare metal and containers available all in one environment.

Reason 3: Allows Teams To Develop Apps Faster

If your business or enterprise is looking to develop better quality applications with speed then containers may be able to help. Containers can help increase the portability of applications while reducing the overall time it takes to develop them. In addition, highly distributed applications are able to avail of microservice architecture and containers can help deploy these microservices with speed. Containers plus OpenStack is a great way to add speed to your cloud infrastructure.

Reason 4: The OpenStack Community

The OpenStack community has created several projects that support containers. These projects work to support containers and the third-party ecosystems around them, within an OpenStack powered cloud. In more recent developments, OpenStack offers different container-centric management solutions, such as monitoring, multi-tenant security, and isolation.

Reason 5: Software-Defined Infrastructure Services

OpenStack compute, network, storage, tenancy security, and service management are just some of the software-defined infrastructure services that they offer. This ecosystem provides a plethora of capabilities and choices for developers and users alike. Moreover, containers are able to run within virtual machine sets, aggregating OpenStack compute and other infrastructure resources.

Reason 6: Continuous Standardization

Lastly, OpenStack embraces advanced open standards for container technology. The OpenStack Containers team was created to work and build upon container standards. Thus allowing things like the runC runtime standard from the Open Container Initiative (OCI) to become a reality. From there, OpenStack continues to develop simpler ways for organizations to adopt container technology within their OpenStack powered cloud.

Run Containers On OpenStack

In conclusion, is your business considering getting started with OpenStack? Trust the experts at VEXXHOST to help guide you through the process. Contact us today to learn more about our OpenStack powered private cloud services.

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