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Ruby on Rails 3 with cPanel: Now only offered on our hosting platform

Posted on Friday, March 11, 2011

We’re extremely excited to make this announcement, we have been working and testing this for the past weeks in order to make sure that it’s launch is as smooth as possible, and we’re happy to announce today that you can run Ruby on Rails 3 applications on our cPanel shared and semi-dedicated web hosting platforms. The implementation that we created is completely transparent and you can create and manage applications from cPanel just like any other provider, however only with VEXXHOST that you can host your Ruby on Rails 3 application.

For those who are curious about the technicalities behind this, the issue was that by default, cPanel uses Mongrel which does not support Ruby on Rails 3 at the moment because of it’s entire overhaul and it’s conversion to a Rack application. We studied all the alternatives and the most popular and impressive choice, Passenger, came up first. We have made modifications to the backend of the control panel, which allowed us to use Passenger to run applications in the background.

We are extremely proud of this announcement and we hope to bring more features to our hosting platform, which are not available with any other provider. We are also working on a lot of other features that will be unique to our hosting platform and not available with any other company.

If you require any assistance in setting up your Ruby on Rails 3 application on cPanel, please contact our support team. If you’re looking to host your Ruby on Rails 3 application on a shared hosting account, you can get started easily today as low as $3.99.

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