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Private Cloud Hosting with VEXXHOST - An Overview

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Private cloud hosting from VEXXHOST means both hosted and on-premise models. Here is a brief overview with more focus on the hosted model.

Private cloud hosting is one of the popular modes of establishing an independent cloud infrastructure for enterprises. There are two major types of private cloud hosting - on-premise and hosted. In an on-premise model, the cloud is established within the enterprise's property. Compared to this model, a hosted private cloud infrastructure is set up and managed on a provider's data center. We have previously outlined the significant differences between hosted and on-premise clouds.

At VEXXHOST, we offer both of these private cloud models for our customers. Now, let us take a look at private cloud hosting from VEXXHOST, with a primary focus on the hosted private cloud model. As a customer, here is a brief overview of what you can expect to get.

Dedicated Nodes for Compute & Storage

With VEXXHOST's private cloud hosting solution, customers get dedicated nodes that are found in isolated environments to ensure the best performance and control. This is different from hyper-converged infrastructure models, which bundle the nodes into a single server.

Certified Kubernetes for Private Cloud Hosting

Private clouds from us are deployed, scaled, and updated on Kubernetes. VEXXHOST's Kubernetes solution is certified by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). We combine Kubernetes and containers to make applications easy to run and scale. This combination also allows us to complete updates without any downtime.

The Latest OpenStack Release

Our cloud solutions are OpenStack-based and are always running on the latest release. This ensures that our customers benefit from everything the open source community has to offer. Currently, our private clouds are running on OpenStack's 22nd release—Victoria.

State-of-the-art Hardware

Hardware needs depend on the level of required computing power. At VEXXHOST, we offer various types of hardware to cater to each business type while ensuring that we are providing the latest technology in the market. Here are some of the hardware that we use now for private cloud hosting.

  • NVMe storage
  • NVIDIA accelerators
  • Enterprise-grade GPUs
  • Intel x86 processors
  • Arm 64-bit processors
  • AMD EPYC™ Gen 2 processors Modern Data Centers

VEXXHOST boasts of data center regions in Montreal, Santa Clara, and Amsterdam, cementing our operations across continents. With our global footprint, customers can benefit from quick deployment, sustainable data center practices, and more. Here is a look at some of the features of our data centers for public and private cloud hosting

  • Multiple, diverse power feeds
  • Secure onsite uninterruptable power systems
  • Backup generators
  • Multi-layered physical security
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and video surveillance
  • APCPA SOC 1 and PCI certified Two Week Timeline Enabling Rapid Private Cloud Hosting

In this fast-moving business world, timing is everything. We understand this fact and ensure that we are not the bottleneck in any cloud computing goals enterprises have. We can have private clouds ready and running in two weeks or less, as soon as the client's requirements are established!


As we mentioned, our private cloud hosting services are based on OpenStack. Deploying OpenStack clouds makes the environments free from licensing fees or vendor lock-ins. For many of our clients, private clouds are also the preferred choice because of their highly scalable and secure nature.

Speaking of private clouds, you can now run on a fully agile and customized cloud from VEXXHOST, with no licensing fees and smooth 2-week migration. In fact, we're ready to put our money where our mouth is. We're so confident in being able to save you at least 20% or more on your current cloud infrastructure expenditure that if proven wrong- we'll give you $1,000 credit to our public cloud.

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