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Prepare Your Environment for Container Orchestration

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

An efficient way to start with container orchestration is to prepare your infrastructure for it. Read more to know which areas you need to be mindful of.

One needs to be aware of the skillset and knowledge of IT teams before adopting new technology. This is necessary for organizations that want to bring about change in their cloud infrastructure strategy. Similarly, if you are to include container orchestration in your infrastructure, there are certain things you need to prepare for.

At early stages of container deployment, mistakes are common. The first step would be to plan right. Map out the capacity requirements for both short and long-term to ready your infrastructure on all fronts. We have listed out some critical areas that need to be covered for a successful container platform. Keep reading to know all about these practices.


Security must be in place for your containerized deployments. Just including containers in your cloud architecture is not enough. It is just as important to ensure the security of the data that it will contain from the beginning and then all through the life cycle of the container.


Deploying containers shifts the focus to container-specific monitoring. It is important to ensure compliance throughout individual containers, clusters of containers and every application run within. You need to have the right monitoring tools in place to make sure that insights are not being overlooked at all times.


The use case of storage is about to change with the inclusion of containers in your infrastructure. Your storage service or facility should be able to accommodate new applications which are microservices oriented. Let's not forget just how easy it is to scale containers. Therefore, storage that is integrated with the DevOps and is agile enough to cater to the new capacity is ideal.



It is known to all that containers have a short-lived lifecycle. To make most of your containers, the networking stack integrated with them must be robust and agile enough. Networking automation enables agility and adds more flexibility for developers too!


It is not just what you do before container deployment but also what goes on during its entire life cycle is just as important. Cloud sprawl because of containers is very common given their short lifecycle. Hence, it is essential to closely integrate it with your CI/CD pipeline for continuous management. These tools can help with complete automation from deployment to operations.

Containerize with VEXXHOST

Maximise your cloud infrastructure by including containerized orchestration tools and prepare for that in advance to offer faster and denser service delivery. Kubernetes is a known containerization tool. Proven scalability, stability, OS compatibility and its open source nature makes Kubernetes sought after by all.

VEXXHOST provides Kubernetes Enablement as a managed solution that can be integrated with your OpenStack private cloud. Our users have access to the most up to date version of the tool. Furthermore, Kubernetes seamlessly integrates with OpenStack projects, which we have extensive experience of. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about how you can make the most of this solution.

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