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It Starts With OpenStack Keystone

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We're here today to dive into OpenStack Keystone and how it works within your OpenStack powered cloud.

OpenStack Keystone is a service that is in charge of all OpenStack projects. It's the first element that should be installed on your OpenStack powered cloud. Moreover, every single OpenStack cloud has Keystone built into it. Ultimately, Keystone is an authentication and authorization component. It provides your cloud with API client authentication and self-discovery. Through the use of OpenStack's Identity API, it's able to distribute multi-tenant authorization.

We're here today to dive into OpenStack Keystone and how it works within your OpenStack powered cloud. We will review Keystone's identity services, security and access management capabilities. Keep reading to learn how the fundamentals of Keystone powers your OpenStack powered cloud.

OpenStack Keystone Identity Service

When it comes to your cloud authentication services you want to be confident with the level of security and privacy. OpenStack Keystone is an identity service. It's user-friendly and an ideal candidate to work with authentication, policy management, and cataloging services. Keystone is able to organize a group of internal services that are exposed to one or several endpoints. This means that an authentication call through Keystone can validate user credentials with its identity service. Meaning that once the validation is successful it is then able to create and return a token with the Token service.

Keystone also has the ability to manually integrate LDAP and SSO. When you manually integrate your LDAP directory with keystone you're able to enjoy the benefits of its authentication security. Which means a safer cloud solution for your business or enterprise. Also, Keystone allows users to take full advantage of their SSO to further streamline single-step authentication through a manual integration. Allowing you to make specific adjustments to your cloud is just one of the ways that OpenStack offers flexible but agile solutions.

Secure Means Secure

Vendor-agnostic authentication for your cloud services means that thanks to Keystone you're able to streamline your login process for each service and application. It's also able to work with your existing applications to cease vendor-related limitations right in its tracks. Obviously, you need to trust anything that has control over authentication services. Good thing Keystone features advanced security that minimizes any exposure risk to user credentials. Applications authenticate through Keystone and in turn, can delegate some of their role assignments. Moreover, user credentials are kept within the system config files, which means Keystone employs application credentials through only the use of the ID and a secret string. Meaning that your data is secure.

Take Advantage Of Our Expertise

When you have authenticated your cloud services and existing applications with Keystone you know you're well on your way to a secure and streamlined OpenStack powered cloud. It all starts with Keystone for a reason.

In conclusion, whether you're looking to get started with an OpenStack powered cloud or looking to upgrade your current OpenStack solution, the team at VEXXHOST is here to help. Let us support you through every step of your cloud journey and ensure you're getting the most out of your cloud solution. No matter how big or small your business or enterprise, we work with a wide range of industries to bring you the power of cloud computing. Contact us today to learn more about how VEXXHOST can make a difference in your cloud strategy.

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