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How OpenStack Is Optimizing For Growth In 2020

Mohammed NaserMohammed Naser

It's evident that OpenStack has a mindset for growth. We're here to break down some of the ways that OpenStack is optimizing for growth in 2020.

OpenStack is one of the fastest-growing open-source communities in the world. It's forecast to have a global market revenue of $5.63 billion USD in 2020 and $6.73 billion USD in 2021. These are no small figures for a reason. Moreover, OpenStack is one of the three most active open-source projects in the world. Alongside Linux Kernel and Chromium, OpenStack continues to be one of the most influential open-source cloud software available today. It's evident that OpenStack has a mindset for agile yet steady growth.

We're here to break down some of the ways that OpenStack is optimizing for growth in 2020. From strengthening already tight community bonds to trailblazing with leadership, we're excited to see what innovations come from OpenStack in 2020.

Communication & Community

Communication is crucial. OpenStack is experiencing some major growth. Not just in terms of the projected global market revenue increase but also in terms of new developers and users joining OpenStack. The community is getting bigger and with that comes more voices to keep in consideration. Between OpenStack, The OpenStack Foundation, board members, the OpenStack community and more, there are a lot of opinions to consider.

One way in which OpenStack stays ahead of the game is to be transparent as an organization. By keeping in mind the diverse backgrounds and opinions of their vibrant community they are working towards being scalable but also inclusive.


That being said, the leadership of OpenStack is definitely a factor in growth optimization for the open-source project in 2020. They know that they're growing as a project and with that, there are new challenges for them, the growing user-base and the community. Similarly, the inclusivity of OpenStack and emphasis on diversity means that anyone can rise to leadership roles. They are currently working on creating clear paths for new leaders and to streamline their processes. Keeping in mind obstacles such as time zones can help open OpenStack to new leaders in countries like China, which have so much to offer the community. Above all, it doesn't matter if you're in Canada, China, or Brazil, there's a place for you to grow in OpenStack.

The efforts made by the leadership at OpenStack in terms of diversity and inclusivity are good signs and will help nurture growth in 2020.


Finally, with every new release, OpenStack continues to improve priorities for users and developers. When OpenStack released Train, the twentieth version of the world's most deployed open-source infrastructure software, there were some major enhancements. They put ease of use, reliability, and security front and center. Finding advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) use cases while enhancing security and improving resource management. This magnum opus took more than 1,100 contributors from more than 50 countries and 160 organizations. Collaboration and innovation are at the very core of OpenStack.

Certainly, it's evident that OpenStack is going places. We at VEXXHOST are proud to offer OpenStack powered public and private clouds to suit the individual needs of your organization or enterprise. We also offer enterprise-grade, fully managed solutions to our clients based on their strategic goals. Think we should work together to make your OpenStack goals a reality? Contact us today to start optimizing your own business for growth with OpenStack.

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